Your Guide to Making the Ultimate Open House Kit

Regina P. Brown | May 26, 2015 | Marketing

Your Guide to Making the Ultimate Open House KitIt seems like so many details go into an open house, doesn’t it!  Take the stress out of your open house event by preparing in advance with an open house kit.  Keep a kit assembled in the truck of your car or in a wheeled cart that you can easily load into your car.  Here’s our list.

Signs & Accessories

To have a successful open house, you have to actually get people there. Make sure your open house kit has plenty of advertising materials.

  • 7 “Open House” A-frame signs (sandwich board)
  • Black dry erase marker (to write address) or large typed addresses &clear tape
  • Yard markers and sky flags
  • Balloons w/helium
  • Brochures & Stands
  • Clipboards w/ Guest Log sheets
  • Property flyers in stand
  • Tri-fold brochures in stand
  • Business cards in card holder
  • Title, Escrow, Insurance, Mold, Lead Paint Brochures
  • Preparing your home/Pre-listing brochures

Prize Drawing Center

The best way to collect people’s information is to offer them something of value. Offering a door prize is easy enough and of course all prizes will be mailed, so they need to leave their contact information, right? Make sure to have these items in your open house kit:

  • Business card collection box
  • Prize drawing entry forms
  • Prize drawing flyer
  • Pens in a pencil holder
  • Prize for drawing (large gift basket or gift certificate)
  • Promo give-aways for each guest (such as a pen or notepad)


This is your first chance to make a lasting impression. Prove that you are the area expert by having these items readily available as a part of your open house kit:

  • Maps of city or “Relocation Kits”
  • List of current comps in neighborhood
  • List of foreclosures or “bargain” houses
  • Purchase Offers (bring 2 paper forms, ready to complete)
  • Full set of Purchase Agreements with Riders for FHA, VA & Condos
  • Listing Agreement Paperwork (no other agents will have this nor will they freely share. We have picked up listings just by being open and offering to give them a copy at an open house)
  • Survey forms with clipboards
Relocation Kits
  • CD tour (we use these on higher end listings only)
  • Current list of your Listing Inventory

Office Supplies

You may have some spare time. Design your open house kit to make the most of that by keeping the following items:

  • Thank You cards (to write if you have free time)
  • Scotch tape, duct tape, and/or masking tape
  • Scissors
  • Post-it notes
  • Stapler
  • Paperclips
  • Rubber bands
  • String
  • Door stops

Cleaning Supplies

Accidents happen and the unexpected often happens. Make sure your open house kit has you covered:

  • Toilet paper (in case there is NONE)
  • 409 or “green” cleaner, glass cleaner, toilet cleaner, comet soft scrub
  • Small squeezy mop
  • Small trash can (use it also as a bucket for the cleaning supplies)
  • White trash bags
  • Hand towel, paper towels, sponge, gloves
  • Whisk broom & dust pan set
  • Goo Gone & old rag
  • WD-40

Open House Kit Miscellaneous Items

Everyone operates a little differently. Here are some alternative items that you can trade out or add to your open house kit:

  • Laptop or iPad (to write offers on the spot!)
  • Fold-up table, 2 chairs, tablecloths
  • Step stool that folds up
  • Name badge (your personalized name tag)
  • Digital camera (to take photos of property)
  • Tape measure (regular and/or laser)
  • Flashlight AND extra batteries
  • CD player w/ soft jazz music on CDs
  • Scented candles and matches (or lighter)
  • Odor eliminator spray (preferred) or aroma spray
  • Candelabra stand & candles for fireplace
Although this may seem like a lengthy list, you can actually assemble it quickly.  Once you have the open house kit assembled, simply keep it in a box or a wheeled tote for easy access.  When you’re prepared in advance, you’ll experience success for your open houses with no stress! Do you have an open house kit? What items do you have in yours that we didn’t mention?
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Regina P. Brown