More Instagram Tips to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Renae Virata | October 19, 2016 | Marketing

More Instagram Tips to Grow Your Real Estate BusinessIn our last post, we summarized our notes from the California Association of Realtors latest conference with social media expert Katie Lance. We continue our series of advice with more Instagram tips to help streamline your Instagram real estate marketing.

Use a Content Grid

Katie has got you covered with a content grid chock full of ideas for your social media channels. You can download the guide on her website.

The first thing that Katie suggests is determining your “buckets” or categories of content related to your brand. This can include areas such as listings, neighborhood info, testimonials and market data. This is just a starting point, but you may have some of your own that are relevant to your real estate business.

She also suggests best practices to help make sure you cover timely topics. These can include links to new articles, videos and live streaming, holidays, seasonal events and recent photos from our business.

Scheduling and Reposting on Instagram

The busy life of a real estate agent does not lend itself to posting on Instagram as things happens. And that’s okay! Katie suggests using the app Later to help schedule your content. This app allows you to include photos and videos from your computer then reminds you on your phone to accept posting on Instagram when you need the scheduled post to go out.

Reposting is a great way to ensure that you can borrow content from other Instagrammers and give them the credit they deserve. Perhaps you’d like to share advice provided by a mortgage company or borrow photos you attended at an event. You simply copy the link in Instagram then use the app Repost to post on your feed.

Enhance Your Photos

In the spirit of telling great stories on Instagram with your photos, it’s nice to ever so often include text over them. Some of Katie’s favorite apps to do so include WordSwag, Over and Canva.

For collages, you can use Diptic, PicPlayPost or Layout.

Video these days is more than just simply posting one. You have so many options to make them more exciting and unique. Try Legend.Im, Boomerang or Flipagram.

Other great apps she suggest: for printing, DesignShop, and for editing, Camera+ or Prisma.

Hashtag It

Hopefully, by now, you feel pretty comfortable with hashtags. They instantly include your content on trending topics that others search for and help you organize your own campaigns.

To start, find up to 25 local and relevant hashtags that work for your posts. Instead of including them in the description of your photo or video, post them in the comments section to look less like spam.

What hashtags should you use? Enter a hashtag in the search box to see what related hashtags pop up or click on the “tags” tab to see what’s trending.

Instagram Stories

We recently covered this topic and are glad to see that Katie’s advice mirrors our own!

Direct Messages

This might be an area you oftentimes forget to check or use on Instagram but could be an important part of your strategy. Sending direct messages to your followers or another Instagrammer connects you more personally and opens up the lines of communication to important influencers. Make sure you check your messages daily and answer them in a timely fashion.

Repurpose Content

We love this last piece of advice as it brings together all parts of your real estate marketing strategy. Katie suggests taking a blog post, for example, and sharing it as a five-to-seven post Instagram story, an Instagram ad, a Facebook post, a Facebook ad or a Facebook Live video. Or vice versa!

We hope this helps you with your Instagram plan. Look out for more posts from our notes to help grow your real estate business with smart marketing strategies and best practices.

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Renae Virata