Memorial Day Weekend Marketing Ideas for Agents

Renae Virata | May 8, 2017 | Marketing

Memorial Day Weekend Marketing Ideas for AgentsIf you’re a seasoned real estate marketer, then you already know that long weekends around holidays like Memorial Day can still yield some great traffic to open houses and for showings. Be ready when prospective buyers and their agents are by creating a strong Memorial Day marketing campaign in advance.

Be Sensitive

First and foremost, Memorial Day honors those who gave their lives in military service to our country. Be sure to keep your Memorial Day promotions that revolve more around summer as far in advance as reasonably possible. If you choose to mention something on the actually holiday in social media, for example, then be sure to keep that the only messaging you include to give full respect to the solemnity of the day.

Memorial Day BBQ Open House

Memorial Day Weekend officially heralds in the summer, and that means outdoor barbecues galore. Keep to the culinary theme by hosting an open house with a barbecue. Invite your leads and client list two weeks in advance and have them RSVP by a few days before the open house. This will give you plenty of time to prepare how much food you will need to get as well as drinks and other treats.

Have the open house for your special invites during a two-hour period one day during the weekend then open it to the public the next day. Even on the second day, you can bring the festivity home with Memorial themed decorations and treats.

As for any open house, make sure you have a checklist handy so you don’t forget a thing. One thing that will be a little different from regular open houses is including utensils, plates, a variety of drinks, napkins, trash bags and cleaning supplies.

Summer Listing Tips

The timing couldn’t be more perfect to share your best tips with prospective sellers about how to prepare their home for sale this summer. Gather together your best tips in a bulleted list that includes how to make cost-effective home improvements, how to stage and gardening ideas.

You can also include a quick list of the top comps in the neighborhood for a specific area to entice them to list even more.

Better yet, create a free guide that they can download by signing up for your email list. This can be as simple as a Word document with a tip per page and some great stock photos that you turn into a pdf.

Participate in Memorial Day Community Activities

If you or one of your associates can spare one day or even a few hours during the holiday weekend, then join in on local community fun. As the weekend promotes a sense of camaraderie and happy spirits, you’ll know doubt meet your next client or a get a referral from a fellow event-goer.

Whether it’s a neighborhood picnic, an outdoor concert or a neighborhood block party, one solid piece of advice is to be prepared. Bring your business cards and be ready when someone asks for it.

You don’t have to overly promote yourself when you’re supposed to have fun. Let it come naturally and keep your ears open for prospective buyers or sellers or an opportunity to gain a client.


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Renae Virata