Best Time To Post To Social Media?

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Your on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Tumbler… but when is the best time to post? Do you notice different levels of engagement based on when you publish an article or share a link? According to, there is a big difference. is a very popular link shortener that is used all over the internet, giving them a huge amount of data about how each of the social networks responds, clicks, and shares links. Each social media platform has a slightly different type and level of engagement, and time certainly does matter. All times mentioned below are in CENTRAL time zone, so adjust your strategy accordingly.

What Is The Best Time To Post On Twitter?

The best time to post on Twitter is between 12pm and 2pm and it is better if you post them earlier in the week (Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday). Avoid posting links from 7pm to 7am since they just won’t get the same type of traffic. On Friday’s, don’t post after 2pm.

What Is The Best Time To Post On Facebook?

The best times to post on Facebook are slightly larger since FB has a larger audience, but the times are similar. On Facebook, you can post from 12pm -3pm to get the best engagement, with Wednesday at 2pm being the BEST time all week. Just like Twitter, don’t post from 7pm to 7am if you want to have a really good response. While 7am starts to build momentum, it is best to wait until at least 10am to post for a better response, and don’t bother with posting links on the weekends. (That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t engage with people on the weekends, but statistically, you shouldn’t expect others to engage with links you post)

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What Is The Best Time To Post On Tumblr?

The best time to post on Tumblr is very different than the best times to post on Facebook or Twitter. Tumblr gets the best responses in the afternoons. You can get some decent interaction after 3pm, although posting between 6pm and 9pm seems to get the best response. Unlike FB or Twitter, Friday evening is a very strong day for Tumblr, although Sunday, Monday, and Tuesdays are the best.

So When Is The Best Time To Post To Social Media?

Just like with real estate, the “digital economy” will vary. The best thing to do is to watch your numbers and statistics yourself to figure out what is the best time to post for your neighborhood and your audience. This could also be useful in knowing the best times to advertise and adjust your ad settings accordingly.

Have you noticed different patterns of engagement? Please feel free to let us know what you think below – and don’t forget to share this post with your friends (at the appropriate times, of course!) and LIKE our page!

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