Last-Minute Thanksgiving Marketing for Busy Real Estate Agents

Renae Virata | November 20, 2015 | Marketing

Last-Minute Thanksgiving Gifts for Real Estate AgentsThanksgiving is a wonderful holiday that gives real estate agents the perfect opportunity to say “Thank you!” to their clients. Sending something their way, whether it is an email, a card or an actual gift is a small gesture that can go a long way to let them know your appreciation – and remind them of your service for referrals! Here are a few ways that you can show gratitude this holiday.

Send a Simple Email

Email is a marketing tool that will never die and is highly effective. Your email does not have to be fancy and can include a simple image and message. Here are easy ways to create your email:

  • Create a graphic that includes your image and Thanksgiving theme. You can use an inexpensive online service like Canva to create pre-made, themed graphics that you can include in your email, including text and your own images. The cost can be from $3 – $10, depending on the template you use.
  • The message here is important, but it doesn’t have to be long and fancy. A simple, “Thank you so much for entrusting your real estate needs with me this year! Here’s to a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving for you and your loved ones!”
  • Call to actions are important in emails and should not be forgotten in this one. You can add a message in a smaller font, such as, “Give someone you know a reason to thank you, too, and let me know if I can help them sell their home.” Then, include your email address and phone number.
  • If you want to get really clever, you can mention how many homes you sold this year and let them know how grateful you are for being a part of your family of clients who saw success in 2015. This can be a larger-font-sized stat that you include at the top, above your thank you message.
  • Be sure to link the image, after inserting it, to your website or email address.
  • For the subject, if you include a stat, you can say, “Thank You for Being One of 50 Reasons I am Thankful This Year”. (The number being the number of homes you sold.) Or you can say, “Why am I Grateful This Thanksgiving Season?” It’s more intriguing than just saying, “Happy Thanksgiving” in the subject line and will generate more opens.

Not Just Any Postcard or Mailer

Everyone still loves getting things in the mail. The extra effort you put into creating a Thanksgiving card and sending it will go a long way with your real estate clients. If you have a small budget, you can send it to just a few of your top clients. Alternatively, you can send a postcard to everyone else.

If you send out a postcard or Thanksgiving card, be sure to sign each one personally. If you have the time, you can also include a personalized note and a wish for the purchase of their next home or move or whatever situation the seller was in that motivated them to work with you.

Again, you can use Canva as a template and work with your printer to create. Vistaprint can help you create a postcard from its array of templates and even mail them for you if you have a list ready to go.

Stand Up and Deliver

To go that extra mile, why not deliver a Thanksgiving gift in person? This can be something as simple as a pumpkin pie, an Edible Arrangement or a small gift basket of fall treats. Bringing it to them in person, preferably the Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving in case people leave for vacation the next day, is a wonderful way to engage your clients in conversation and to remind them of your services for their family and friends. You can bet that your clients will mention the gesture to their loved ones over the holidays or that your gift will spark conversation when spotted by holiday guests.

No matter what your budget is for end-of-year marketing, you can find a few simple, quick ways to put together a great Thanksgiving campaign that will keep you top of mind with your clients and create a lasting impression that may serve you well into 2016!

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Renae Virata