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Real Estate Tech: Homie

As innocuous as the name sounds, Homie is a new technology that is made to disrupt the real estate industry. A quick visit to the Homie.com blog on its website reveals, in a recent post, how it hopes to be viewed in the eyes of its users – and of real estate agents: “We’re not […]

Renae Virata Jan 9th, 2018

Agent CRM Review: Commissions, Inc.

We’ve seen a lot of different CRM systems that real estate agents love in our time. A useful CRM system helps manage leads, funnel prospects and converts them successfully. One Realtor Erik Brown of Teles Properties, who has sold hundreds of properties in multiple states including Minnesota and California and is the author if the book 1 in […]

Renae Virata Feb 8th, 2017

Agent CRM Spotlight: Hubspot

If you follow Home Value Leads on Facebook, then you’ve probably seen a post here and there where we’ve shared marketing or sales insights from a company called Hubspot. It’s no wonder they have so much to say on these topics – it’s at the heart of what they do! Hubspot basically offers software to […]

Renae Virata Jan 30th, 2017

10 Photo and Video Apps to Help Your Listings Stand Out

Do you sometimes feel like your listing, website or social media photos and videos could use a little boost? Now that everyone and their grandmothers know that photo and video are musts for any marketing endeavor, some clever software teams have come up with apps that will make anyone – even busy real estate professionals […]

Renae Virata Oct 7th, 2016

Real Estate CRM Review: LionDesk

It seems these days that CRM systems for real estate agents are a dime a dozen. Many promise to do this or that to help agents become more efficient. They also tout more and more features that many agents once dreamed about so they have everything they need in one system. We recently came across […]

Renae Virata Oct 3rd, 2016

MarketVideos Review – Easy Real Estate Video Content

Video has quickly become a hot topic for real estate agents. According to some statistics, 85% of buyers and sellers want to work with an agent who uses video. If you are looking for a great video tool to help you generate more real estate leads at a reasonable cost, then you’ve come to the right place. […]

Home Value Leads Apr 15th, 2015