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Real Estate Tech: Homie

As innocuous as the name sounds, Homie is a new technology that is made to disrupt the real estate industry. A quick visit to the Homie.com blog on its website reveals, in a recent post, how it hopes to be viewed in the eyes of its users – and of real estate agents: “We’re not […]


Renae Virata Jan 9th, 2018

An Agent’s Dilemma: G Suite or Office 365?

When I ran my own business a few years back, I was pressured into quickly finding an online productivity system. I needed one that would help me stay organized and collaborate with my colleagues and clients around the country. I first used Office 365, as I was most familiar with it, and decided about a […]


Renae Virata Apr 12th, 2017

G Suite for Agents: Tips for Better Business

In our last post, we discussed the basics of G Suite and how it can help you and your team better organize and collaborate. As a Now let’s take a closer look at ho Create Scripts with the Team Scripts are only one example of the many documents you can virtually collaborate with your team […]


Renae Virata Mar 13th, 2017

G Suite for Agents: The Basics

In your quest for a system that will work for your growing real estate team, you may have come across G Suite. Many agents have asked me about this and wondered what the hubbub is all about. If you have Gmail, after all, then you have access to all of Google’s business apps – basically […]


Renae Virata Mar 10th, 2017

Agent CRM Review: Commissions, Inc.

We’ve seen a lot of different CRM systems that real estate agents love in our time. A useful CRM system helps manage leads, funnel prospects and converts them successfully. One Realtor Erik Brown of Teles Properties, who has sold hundreds of properties in multiple states including Minnesota and California and is the author if the book 1 in […]


Renae Virata Feb 8th, 2017

Agent CRM Spotlight: Hubspot

If you follow Home Value Leads on Facebook, then you’ve probably seen a post here and there where we’ve shared marketing or sales insights from a company called Hubspot. It’s no wonder they have so much to say on these topics – it’s at the heart of what they do! Hubspot basically offers software to […]


Renae Virata Jan 30th, 2017

Matterport: 3D Technology in Agents’ Hands

In our last post, we explored some details about Matterport’s virtual 3D technology as well as benefits. According to their site, they have “built the first end-to-end media platform that allows users to easily create, modify, navigate, and build on digital representations of real places.” Want to try your hand at creating your first virtual 3D […]


Renae Virata Nov 25th, 2016

Matterport 3D Technology: The Google Maps of Real Estate

Google Maps has become a ubiquitous tool in the world of real estate. The “street view” feature is especially useful for buyers looking for how a home looks on the outside before visiting or to do a virtual tour of the neighborhood surrounding it to check for amenities and general atmosphere. One company Matterport is taking […]


Renae Virata Nov 23rd, 2016

Agent Tool Review: Vendor Referral App Dizzle

We’ve talked at length before about how being a resource to your real estate clients is important. It helps build your clients’ trust in you and keeps them coming back for more of your expertise. If you had to ask agents what else is important for their business, especially from a business-building perspective, they would […]


Renae Virata Oct 31st, 2016

Real Estate Agent Planner Tool Review: Pipeline Planner

As busy real estate agents, you have a lot of goals to plan to ensure your success. To help organize those goals and to break the down into palatable steps, real estate broker, teacher and educational consultant Melissa Zavala has created the Pipeline Planner. Sometimes you just have to literally put pen to paper, and that’s […]


Renae Virata Oct 28th, 2016