10 Photo and Video Apps to Help Your Listings Stand Out

Renae Virata | October 7, 2016 | Marketing, Real Estate Technology Product Reviews

Do you sometimes feel like your listing, website or social media photos and videos could use a little boost? Now that everyone and their grandmothers know that photo and video are musts for any marketing endeavor, some clever software teams have come up with apps that will make anyone – even busy real estate professionals like you – a creative marketer.

Check out these ten apps that will add that little extra something to your photos and videos to help you stand out.

My Sketch

This is a great app, available on iTunes, that will add a really unique touch to your photos. If you’d like to create a cool sketch-like effect for a listing, for example, to give it an artsy look, you can do that straight from you phone. This is also a cool closing gift to give to a client when printed and inserted into a nice wood or metal frame. You have 20 different types of sketches to choose from and different artistic frames.

Pic Stitch

As iTunes’ number one-rated photo and video collage maker, you can combine not only photos but also multiple videos into a beautiful photo complete with special frames. This means you can insert a few photos and a video in one collage! One great way to use this app is to create a comprehensive summary of the best features of a home to share directly from the app on social media. It has 245 layouts to choose from, plus you can create your own with its handy layout creator. For extra panache, add photo filters, borders and (bonus) music.

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As the name implies, this Instagram-perfect photo collage maker has all of the features you need to post great collages to Instagram. Like most collage makers, it includes photo grids, different layouts, loads of filters and effects and editor tools to customize the look of what you stitch together. You can also add interesting photo patterns, backgrounds and frames. Captions can turn your photo collages into actual stories. What we love about this app is its sleek and easy-to-use interface.

Color Splash

We thought this iTunes app was so cool, you’ll use it for more than just listing and website photos. Color Splash creates black and white versions of your photos, leaving only certain colors to pop as you choose. The images are striking and allow you to give an artistic feel. It costs $0.99, but it’s well worth the small investment.


Available on both iTunes and Google Play for Android, Lumyer is an interesting photo animation app that you’ll probably want to use for your personal photos, too. We could see your using the “water sea” effect on a photo of a backyard with a pool or the waving American flag effect to enhance a team photo for a patriotic holiday greeting. You really have to see it to believe it.


This is such a cool app, we don’t know where to start. You know all those cool quote graphics you see on social media or blog post images with funky text on them? They likely used this app. You can get incredibly creative with Over by overlaying effects and fonts with numerous fonts and colors or, even better, use one of hundreds of free beautifully shot stock photos. This is a great way to give a unique “shout out” to your colleagues, clients and partners. It’s only available for iTunes but hopefully they’ll have it for Android users as well.

Insta Vid

We all know by now that videos on Instagram are hot, so it’s only fitting that their is an app for it. Like Pic Stitch, it gives you the freedom to bring together your photos and a video in one collage, perfect for a post about a listing or to create a story around a client. A wonderful addition that Insta Vid has? The ability to add a custom watermark so that your collage is stamped to your credit.


Another amazing collage maker mixing videos and photos, you can create some very unique storyboards with this app. Available on iTunes and Google Play, you can actually show videos simultaneously. It might seem busy at first, but if you plan out your videos, you could do some very cool collages that will bring your listings to major life. Check out their Facebook page for ideas.


If you are a real estate agent working with a builder or a flipping company, then this is definitely your app! Take photos and videos, then stitch them together, adding fast motion and music to show a project from beginning to end. If you have a sense of humor and lots of creativity, you could do some pretty viral-worthy day-in-the-life videos, too. Their website has examples of how users are getting into the Flipagram craze (and is pretty entertaining to boot).


Tired of collages already? Think they’re all the same? Well, LiveCollage is turning collages on its head with some very unique features. In addition to the standard editing, frame, layout and text options, LiveCollage also includes poster templates and stitch templates (think amusement park photo booth strips). We especially love the stitch templates, which have a nostalgic look. Put together a stitch of listing photos for the “hot properties of the month”, then add to your newsletters or dress up your Facebook timeline cover.

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Renae Virata