Agent CRM Spotlight: Hubspot

Renae Virata | January 30, 2017 | Real Estate Technology Product Reviews

Agent CRM Spotlight: HubspotIf you follow Home Value Leads on Facebook, then you’ve probably seen a post here and there where we’ve shared marketing or sales insights from a company called Hubspot. It’s no wonder they have so much to say on these topics – it’s at the heart of what they do!

Hubspot basically offers software to facilitate inbound marketing. From email marketing to analytics, social media to blogging, they have businesses of any size covered. One thing we did not know about Hubspot is that they offer a CRM platform, too, and one that is conducive to tracking and managing real estate leads!

We credit RE/MAX Realtor® Brett Maternowski from Lutz, Florida for sharing his experience with Hubspot and giving us a heads up.

Why Hubspot?

One of the reasons why Maternowski started using Hubspot was the cost.

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“When I first started in real estate, I didn’t have a lot of money, so the
most important feature for me was free or as close to it as I could get,” he explained. “That’s how I found Hubspot, a free (with paid options) CRM that also includes free email tracking and email templates.”

Another reason Maternowski loved Hubspot is its ability to integrate with other online tools. In an age where we have multiple systems and platforms to suit our operations and styles, this is definitely a welcome feature.

You can also customize the system in any number of ways depending on your business.

Hubspot Features Agents Would Love

We took a look at the features that Hubspot’s CRM offers and have to admit – it’s pretty nice.

  • Store Activity on a Timeline – Any interaction or activity around a lead or client is stored with that contact’s profile. Calls, emails, texts – it’s all there for you to follow and refer back to.
  • Click to Call – Who doesn’t want to speed up their calls and have their hands free while they make them? You can leave your headset on and make calls through the platform.
  • Save Email Correspondence – You don’t have to save every email in your inbox anymore. Integration with Gmail and Outlook allows you to keep your emails in HubSpot with your contacts’ profiles.
  • Easily Sort and Filter Activity – This is a great feature to see where you are in the cycle with each real estate lead/client or overall in your business.
  • Personalized Email Sequences – We always talk about automating email messages, and Hubspot let’s you do it easily. Set your schedule for each message and never worry that you haven’t contacted someone when from the first point of contact.
  • Email Templates – You probably send similar messages to people over and over again. With customizable templates, you can create the ones that matter, track their success rates and use the ones that work best.
  • Schedule Meetings with Ease – Whether it’s a showing or a listing appointment, you can know easily when you’re available and access your calendar for any period of time.


Maternowski highlighted how you can assign tasks and leads to others on your team with ease. You can also see on your dashboard where everyone is and share templates and data for everyone’s success.

Import everyone’s email contacts so you have a robust list, ready to be contacted and organized.

It’s Simple

If you’re just getting started or just want to eliminate the clutter that is your current system of emails and spreadsheets, then Hubspot may be the way to go. The intuitive interface takes minutes to learn and doesn’t require a lot of tech know-how.

And Maternowski left us with one thought that is a total deal maker, too.

“Since you can take Hubpost with you regardless of what broker or franchise you align yourself with, your leads are yours forever!”

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Renae Virata