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How to Be a More Digital Agent

Becoming a more digital agent is more environmentally friendly, reduces material cost for your bottom line, increases productivity and, best of all, makes clients happy. Now let’s talk about how to go paperless. The agents we interviewed for our last post gave us some great insights into some of the tools they use every day […]

Renae Virata Jun 6th, 2016

The Downfalls Of The Real Estate Inside Sales Agent (ISA)

**The following is a guest post from Mitch Ribak who is the broker/owner of The Mitch Ribak Real Estate Team with Tropical Realty of Suntree in Florida. We would like to thank Mitch for this excellent overview of the downfalls of the real estate ISA.** It’s been 8 years since I started using an ISA in my Real Estate […]

Home Value Leads Feb 7th, 2016

To Call or Not to Call: Dealing with the Do-Not-Call Registry

Sometimes as real estate agents, you have to reach out to potential home sellers that you’ve never been in contact with before. This is usually the case, for example, with expired listings or with someone whom  you may have become privvy to knowing is in the market to sell their home. But did you know […]

Renae Virata Aug 28th, 2015