Agents, Work Your Labor Day Marketing

Renae Virata | August 7, 2017 | Marketing

Agents, Work Your Labor Day MarketingThe lazy days of summer are soon coming to an end, and Labor Day marks the official end of the season. While others are taking a day off, this could be your golden opportunity as a real estate agent to put the holiday to work for you and your business.

A Weekend of Open Houses

Since it’s a time when family and friends gather together to take a break, keep that in mind when you put together and also advertise your open houses for Labor Day weekend. In fact, why not open a string of open housesĀ for the weekend so that house hunters and their groupies can make a long weekend of their house-hunting adventures.

Weeks before Labor Day, select your top houses to show off that weekend. Create a map of the houses and be sure to post them on your website, in your newsletters and, of course, several times over social media. Each week, you can share a new home to showcase then remind everyone of all the other listings that weekend.

If you have a few houses but not a lot of manpower, employ the help of your associates or even fellow agents who wouldn’t mind pitching in to stand in for you at some of the properties.

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Local Events

A lot happens Labor Day weekend, so make sure you’re a part of it! Whether it’s a fun run or a music festival, you can find a plethora of ways to join in. Participate, sponsor or volunteer – your presence in any capacity is welcome and will garner you exposure.

The best events to join will be the ones that you have a strong connection to already or at least have an interest in. Be judicious with what you choose so you can make the most of any event.

Be sure to let everyone in your network know how you are participating in a local event. If you need to raise money, would like them to visit your booth or join you in a specific way, don’t be shy to promote that on your website, social media channels and newsletter.

Content to Count On

Maybe your Labor Day campaign is a little more subtle this year. With fall around the corner and this being the last long weekend for a long time, why not provide a weekly series of tips to help a potential listing clients list their homes successfully? Or home buyers to identify and snag the home of their dreams? You can even do a series for current clients that includes how to prepare your home for fall.

As with any promotion, this is best to include on your website’s blog, snippets in your newsletter and teasers on your social media channels.

Even if you plan to have an open house or two during Labor Day weekend or to join an event, go ahead and go the extra mile with these types of articles, to cover your bases.

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Renae Virata