5 New Year’s Marketing Resolutions for Real Estate Agents

Renae Virata | December 31, 2015 | Marketing

5 New Year's Marketing Resolutions for Real Estate AgentsWith the end of one year comes the hopes and goals of a new one. As a real estate professional, you may start out the year with the best intentions only to find that your business steers you away (which is not always a bad thing, given the right reasons!). So here’s our list of the top five resolutions you can make to keep marketing top of mind and a well-oiled machine in order to have your best year in real estate yet!

#1: Have a Marketing Plan

Merely thinking about what you plan to do will not get you where you need to be in marketing your real estate business and reach real success. You have to have S.M.A.R.T. goals in place for the year, each month and even each week, if possible. Take a look at what really worked for you last year and implement and improve on them. For those marketing efforts that didn’t work, take a good look at what didn’t generate real estate leads and understand why. You might be able to improve on those efforts, too.

Having a plan includes actually writing down, whether in a notebook, in a spreadsheet or a Word document each step you intend to take to market yourself and your real estate services as well as a budget to realize them. This can be as simple as the following:

  • Weekly – Post on Facebook daily; check social media, website and newsletter analytics and assess results each Monday; add new leads to appropriate e-newsletter lists; prepare and send out thank you baskets from previous week’s closings; post on Pinterest each Monday; review and create/renew Facebook and Google ads each Monday.
  • Bi-Weekly – Write blog post on Wednesday; send out referral emails.
  • Monthly – Send e-newsletter to leads; mail postcards.
  • Bi-Monthly – Send e-newsletter to past clients.

This is, of course, a very small example but should give you an idea of what to post. Then, when you are ready, plug it in to our handy marketing planner template so you can see everything in a calendar-style format for a good overview.

#2: Be Consistent with Your Social Media

It can be overwhelming to think about posting something every day on Facebook, maintaining Pinterest boards and tweeting like you’d promised you’d do for the past few years. But what’s keeping you? Most real estate agents stop being active on social media because they forget, run out of ideas or just aren’t that interested in it. As you’ll come to find as you listen to successful agents, however, is that you’re missing out on opportunities without them.

Earlier this year, we developed our guide for planning social media throughout the year that will help you be consistent, develop new and more exciting ideas and actually have fun with it. Try it out and see if it works for you.


#3: Get Comfortable with Videos

We can’t stress enough how videos can help any real estate agent’s marketing. Think of them as the next best thing to communicating with your audience without actually being in front of them. Building relationships is easier with video as people get to know you more personally and get to feel like they know you better over time. In addition, while pictures are still good for listings, a virtual tour is more exciting and allows your viewers a more intimate and action-packed glimpse (which home sellers appreciate).

Too shy? Then do a voice over instead of filming yourself. With practice, you’ll get more comfortable (everyone is nervous at first) and will even be inspired to become more creative and natural in your manner. Think it takes up time? Having a plan in the form of a script and knowing what you’d like to shoot prior to your doing a video can reduce the time it takes and may even eliminate editing on  your part so you can just shoot and post. Don’t worry about it looking too professional and have fun with it!

#4: Delegate the Small Stuff

At first, it can always seem as if you can handle all of your marketing efforts. After all, you do so much else for your business as a real estate agent, what’s one more thing on your plate? But what most real estate agents find is that once they add one task, then another, then another is that the more important, big picture areas become more neglected and nothing gets done well.

If you can afford it, hire an assistant to help you manage your marketing plan. Show them the planner or start it off then give them some room to show you what they’ve got in the way of planning. Give them the power to execute the plan. If you have trouble completely letting go, have your assistant send you the next week or month’s plan in advance so that you have time to review and go over together. Once they get a handle on it and you feel comfortable having them take the reigns, you’ll free up more time to make those all-important one-on-one contacts and overall strategic planning decisions.

#5: Take Care of Yourself

Okay, this may be a stretch in regards to marketing, but you can’t accomplish anything, marketing or otherwise, if you aren’t in a healthy state consistently. As an entrepreneur (and that’s truly what you are as a real estate agent!), it’s important to keep your physical, mental and emotional health in check. Be conscientious about what you put into your body and when, exercise regularly (even if it’s walking or taking dance lessons) and be sure to get enough sleep. During office days, take breaks every 90 minutes or so (when many experts and studies say is a good time to do so). If you find that your stress level is rising, get outside and take a deep breath. These are the basics we all know and hear about our whole lives but compromise or put off tomorrow in exchange for working late.

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Renae Virata