4 Ways to Create Your Real Estate Brand

Renae Virata | October 21, 2015 | Best Practices, Marketing

4 Great Ways to Brand Your Real Estate BusinessReal estate branding might sound redundant (you sell homes, what else do you need?), but standing apart from the competition or, better yet, staying top of and meaningfully in the minds of of prospective clients is what turns heads. Just look around at any particular product – computers, soft drinks, even cities have their own calling card. So what’s yours? Here are four different ways that will hopefully inspire you to develop YOUR unique real estate brand.

Align Yourself with Another Brand or Activity

Are you a superfan of your college or local football team? Does everyone know it because you always have some sort of fan paraphernalia on? Then capitalize on it! Short of actually saying the school or team’s name (for legal reasons), you can brand yourself by letting everyone know who you stand behind. That can go a long way with people, especially if the area is heavily saturated with similar super fans.

You can also align your real estate business with an activity or type of lifestyle that you love. Adventurous real estate professionals can showcase exciting activities like skydiving, extreme sports and others to showcase your fearless nature (i.e. when it comes to selling their home!). Love luxury? Then go for a guilded look with your branding and drench your materials and online channels with images reflecting your luxury brand.

All in the Name

If you have a cool name that just stands out from the crowd, use it! If your last name is Green, for example, make all your branding materials in shades of green. People will readily recognize your name with the color, which sticks. Nicknames are a good way to stand out among the crowd. Instead of using your real name, brand everything with your nickname and give some familiarity and add a personal touch to your business cards, website and social media.

Be the Expert You Are

Many of you probably have a particular type of home you sell or a geographic area you cover. Maybe you’re a local who actually grew up in your farm or city. Whenever you mention your business, have this prominently displayed in your tagline. This can help you establish your presence in an area as well as provide a useful way to communicate your expertise. You can even use it as your moniker: “The ______ Agent”. Focusing on a particular area of real estate or geographic area can also help you concentrate your lead generation efforts.

This is a great place to use videos, too. Whether you post the to YouTube, on your website, through social media or via Periscope, give people valuable insight with occasion tip videos on your target areas – what’s happening in the area, what’s up and coming/why, what historical or descriptive information can you share about the area that will give prospective clients insight into the area. The more personalized, specific information you can share, even through photos in a blog post or occasional posts on social media, the more people will recognize you as the go-to agent in that neighborhood.

Leave Your Signature

Much like using your name, if you have a particular color that you absolutely love and are known for, then make that a part of your uniform. In Dallas, famed real estate mogul Ebby Halliday was known for signature red color. So, upon her passing, the entire city honored her by coloring the entire downtown area in red lights. I recently saw another realtor in the area who wore her ubiquitous red glasses. Her adorable accessory was so popular and stood out so much, that she brands herself as the “Realtor with Red Glasses” and has an image of red glasses on all of her branding.

Branding your real estate business starts with a name, logo and look and feel that immediately communicates through images and few words what you’re all about and how you can help home sellers and buyers. It’s not everything, of course, but inspiration for conversation around your business, business goals, lead generation and subsequent plans will follow and can yield great results.

So, how about it? What is YOUR particular brand and how has it worked for you? In what creative ways have you capitalized on it to generate focused leads and to grow your real estate business?

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Renae Virata