Real Estate Lead Generation 101 For Rookie Realtors

Renae Virata | September 16, 2016 | Resources for Real Estate Leads & Referrals

Real Estate Lead Generation 101 For Rookie RealtorsWhen you are just starting out in any business, one of the biggest challenges you will face is lead generation.  No matter how skilled you are, you have not had time to build a reputation for performing your job well, so word-of-mouth alone will not help you. If you want leads, you will have to go out and find them. 

Where Are the Real Estate Leads?

Where can you find leads?  There are many opportunities available to you, if you are willing to put in the effort. Are you unsure where to start? Then listen up and get ready for real estate lead generation 101 for rookie realtors.


Nearly any situation where there are a number of people gathered, having conversations, is an opportunity for you to talk with potential customers. Keep an ear out for people who may be interested in buying or selling a home or other property. When you see an opportunity, you can approach them naturally and with the best intent.

Think Long Term

When you are just starting out, it is tempting to pursue every lead, no matter what the situation is. Some situations just will not work out well. Learn to focus your energy on the jobs that support your long-term goals.

Marketing 101

There are basic marketing concepts that can be very helpful in real estate lead generation. Using basic concepts like scarcity and differentiation can make a real difference to your business. If you are not familiar with marketing, study up or even take a marketing course online for free. These concepts are crucial to your continued success, so invest the time and effort into educating yourself.


Digital tools may get a lot of attention, but old-fashioned methods like using flyers and door hangers still work just as well as ever. If you are a one-person show, you can visit your local copy center and walk out with a few hundred flyers for less than ten bucks. When it comes to real estate lead generation, there really is no excuse for not getting out there and hustling to get your business off the ground.

Social Media

Using social media for real estate is something that everyone should be doing. It is easy and nearly free to get started. If you have a smartphone, you have every tool you need to get your business on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Even something as simple as posting photos of properties for sale with your contact information can net you customers with virtually no effort.

Get Started With Real Estate Lead Generation Now

Being a rookie should not carry a stigma. It just means that you will have to work a bit harder to make things happen for a while. Once you get the ball rolling, it will start to get easier. Follow these steps faithfully, and you may not stay a rookie realtor for long.

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Renae Virata