Happy Grasshopper Review: Real Estate Email Marketing Revamped

Home Value Leads | October 23, 2013 | Marketing

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about how Home Value Leads worked together with Happy Grasshopper’s “Position Me”. Some of you have asked for more information about Happy Grasshopper, so I thought I would share my Happy Grasshopper review. A while back I was fortunate enough to attend Xplode Conference in Dallas. One of the biggest takeaways from that conference (and there were many) was Happy Grasshopper. Happy Grasshopper is a form of email marketing that is unlike any other because it is NOT marketing. It is simply designed to stay top of mind with your clients and sphere of influence.

If a client of yours just bought a house last year, how useful do you think your real estate newsletter is going to be with current market conditions, your latest sale or listing, and local mortgage rates? The answer is ZILCH. What is even worse is that because they don’t have any use for that information at that time, they may unsubscribe from your newsletter which means you won’t be “touching” them at all. Ouch.

This is where Happy Grasshopper comes in. Happy Grasshopper uses timely, relevant stories to send to your clients about every 3 weeks. Very few of them are real estate related which is what I love about the product. For example, just days after Apple’s Steve Jobs passed away, Happy Grasshopper sent out a story entitled “Steve Jobs – A Great Tipper”. The article titles and the timeliness of the article make it more likely to get opened, and the nature of the emails make it more likely that they will hit the reply button. That simple email had an open rate of nearly 50% and I received about 20 replies to that email which then opens up the door for more conversation. You can get a sample email on their website.

If you find this whole “non-marketing marketing” a little hokey, I challenge you to try it for one month. The first month is only $5 and if you don’t get at least as many personal responses from that email as you do from your boring old newsletter, I’ll refund the $5 personally. Yes, I believe in the product that much. They even use my bright, shining face on their Happy Grasshopper review page.

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Once you make contact with your potential home seller leads, staying top of mind is going to be essential. Happy Grasshopper makes it happen.

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