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Renae Virata | November 9, 2015 | Marketing

Real Estate VideoNothing engages an audience better these days than video. Here are ten interesting facts about video from Virtuets, a video real estate marketing company:

  1. One minute of video is equal to the value of 1.8 million words.
  2. The average user is exposed to 32.2 videos each month.
  3. 100 million internet users watch online video each and every day.
  4. 80% of internet users recall watching a video ad on a website they’ve visited in the past 30 days. 46% of them took some action after viewing the ad.
  5. 58% of buyers want and expect to see video of a home they’re looking at online.
  6. Consumers spend an average of 1 to 3 minutes watching a video on their mobile devices.
  7. 74% of all Internet traffic in 2017 will be video.
  8. In an eye-mapping study of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), video results commanded more attention than other listings.
  9. 71% of consumers say that video is the best way to bring product features to life.
  10. The average US consumer spent 24 minutes a day watching online video, more time than any other digital media activity except social media and email.

If you want to make a great real estate listing video on your own that will make your clients happy they chose you as their real estate agent, then check out these tools and tips to make even the most inexperienced real estate agent create amazing videos in a snap.

Video Tools

Smart phones and tablets make great videos. Just look at Facebook and Instagram where thousands of videos are posted every day, and you’ll see that you don’t need a fancy video camera to create a great listing video. If you’re looking to upgrade your sound and to drown out extra noise, just in case, you can actually purchase some pretty cool microphones that simply hook up to your phone or tablet. The Zoom iQ5 is a great example. It’s only available for Apple devices or through a lightning cable. It features a microphone that you can rotate to capture sound wherever you need it. If you want to only record voiceovers to go over b-roll video of your listing or over scrolling photos, then the Apogee MiC is a great buy. It comes with a stand and plugs to adapt to your phone or computer. The Belkin LiveAction Mic has a handle that makes it easy to use and also works with some Android devices.

If you need more lighting, you have a lot of options to choose from. The Photojojo Pocket Spotlight, Phocus 120 LED Video Light or the Kick Lighting Case for iPhone (but usable on its own, too) all mount onto your device to provide adjustable lighting on the device itself or with an app you download to your phone.

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Video Editing Apps

Now that you have your photos or videos recorded, it’s time to splice them together! Here are a few that are easy to use on your phone or tablet so you can edit your videos on the go.

Photo-to-Video Editing Apps

What if you just have photos? No problem. You can create a “story” video around your listing photos and add sound and text easily with some great new apps that you can download onto your phone:

Additional Tips to Make Great Videos

  • Make sure your videos are landscape (wider than taller) for the best recording. Otherwise, a more vertical video will waste the space you could be using that would end up as black space on either side of your video.
  • Create a script to record and time your videos.
  • Videos should ideally be 60 seconds, 90 seconds max.
  • Create a “story board” that outlines each “scene” you’d like to capture. This will help you figure out what shots you need to get and also help with timing.
  • Don’t forget to include 1) outside of the property, both front and back, 2) interior of each room, including a pan from the center, 3) key features of the house.
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Renae Virata