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Regina Brown | February 23, 2015 | Marketing

Real Estate BrandingBy Regina P. Brown

What is your real estate brand? Is it your company name? Your logo? The tagline? Actually, it’s all of those, plus much more. It’s the overall recognition and respect – or lack thereof – consumers invoke with your company.

The most important concept about real estate branding is that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. In other words, it is what consumers PERCEIVE. It doesn’t matter what you think about your brand. It’s not about how you position it. It’s all about the consumer and how they view you.

When a home owner (AKA prospective home seller) sees your company name and logo, what comes to mind? It is a powerful, trustworthy image of you? Or an unknown? Do they think of you as cheap and tacky or upscale and tough?

Real estate branding is the process of building your image gradually over a period of time. It’s not a quick-fix like a one-time promotion. Branding doesn’t revolve around market conditions or economic fluctuations. It happens each time your company is in the public eye.

To establish your real estate brand, begin with these 3 basic keys: content, credibility, and commitment.

Content is the value you bring to the consumer. How can you help them? Do you educate potential clients? For example, do you provide services such as property valuations? Home Value Leads offers this service for your prospective sellers. You can provide seller tips and reports on your web site. Your blogs should mirror your expertise. Your content is not just general info, but a direct reflection of your viewpoint, your philosophy, and your customer service attitude. In other words, your content is a direct reflection on your real estate brand.

Credibility means you are a trusted, respected, knowledgeable expert in your field. People can rely on you. They know what to expect. Think about Starbucks, for example. When you visited a new city, and you walked into their Starbucks coffee shop, you knew exactly what to expect. Every store serves the same quality products with the same high customer service. In your real estate business, how do you react when escrow is delayed? Do you negotiate offers with utmost integrity? Are you honest with all parties? When you develop a good reputation, it follows you forever. But when you fail to follow through, your real estate brand can be tarnished.

Commitment to the long term is critical for real estate branding. After years of assimilating consumers to your brand, you can’t make sudden changes. People get confused easily. That’s why UPS kept its image of a string-tied package for many years after they stopped allowing that type of packaging to be shipped. The old-fashioned image stood for a reputable 100-year old company in the minds of many consumer shippers. Do you keep in touch with past clients regularly? Do your clients feel confident that you and your company will be around 5 years from now, when they get ready to move?

Real Estate branding takes many years but once your brand is built, it’s a strong tower. Your brand becomes rock-solid and impenetrable. It will stand for generations. Over time, by building your brand, you can reduce your specific marketing expenses because you will be established.

What does your brand consist of? And how do you build your real estate brand? Please share your stories below in the comments.

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Regina Brown