3 Things You must Discuss for Every Listing Presentation

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It’s always important to keep in touch with past sellers or buyers. Doing so can lead to future deals and what real estate agent doesn’t like future deals? But, although it’s important to always keep in touch, real estate agents must also always look for new sellers.

By providing a great listing presentation, real estate agents can convince home sellers to sign with them instead of the agent’s competition. Sellers want to know if agents can effectively market their home for sale, not just put up a “For Sale” sign.  

See what the 3 most important things are for real estate agents to discuss in their listing presentations.

Top 3 You Must Discuss for Every Listing Presentation

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  1. Make sure sellers understand market time

What’s market time? Market time is how long the home stays on the market. In your listing presentation, educate the seller about market time. The longer a home stays on the market, the likelier the home seller ends up in a position where they must take a low-ball offer. Not that they can decide to take a low-ball offer. That they must take a low-ball offer.

By explaining market time, you can ensure the seller doesn’t push back on an unrealistic initial price.

  1. How will you price position the house for sale?

We’re not just talking about pricing a home for sale, we’re talking about pricing positioning after a home’s been on the market without any traction. Pricing positioning means that you change pricing so as to gather interest on the home.

The way to explain this to a seller in a listing presentation is to educate the seller on how people search for homes online. They search for homes in $25,000 to $50,000 increments. You should start with an initial price, something you and the seller agree to.

Then, you will lower the price by something like $5,000 if there’s no movement on the initial price. If there’s no movement after lowering the price $5,000, you must consider lowering at least another $25,000 because the lack of movement on the initial price change did nothing.

Explain that what you’re trying to do is find that sweet spot in price that sells the home.

  1. Tell sellers about how you will market their home

They want you to sell their home. So, you must have a plan to market how you will sell their home. Create a market plan specifically for their home. What type of buyer’s likely to want to see the house? Is there a specific demographic:  couples with children, without, or singles?

Also, absolutely let them know about the description you plan on putting online to drive interest. A great marketing plan will no doubt ensure they lean towards you as their real estate agent.

For real estate agents, keeping in touch with past buyers and sellers can be one of the most important things they do. An equally important thing is gaining listings via a great listing presentation. The three things real estate agents must discuss in their listing presentations are:  market time, pricing positioning, and the marketing plan.

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