Advanced Facebook Ad Targeting for Real Estate

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Advanced Facebook Ad Targeting for Real Estate

Have you been puzzled about how to target your real estate ads in Facebook? Or have you not seen the results you expected given the money you have spent? Well, get excited, because Facebook has introduced targeting by an exact address to help your ads reach an even more concentrated pool of real estate leads.

Facebook Ad Targeting Before

Facebook has always been a great, low-cost option for real estate agent ads. In addition to targeting by specific demographics and interests, you had the option of targeting ads on Facebook by state or as granularly as city or even as small as a zip code.

Facebook Ad Targeting Now

With Facebook’s advanced targeting, you can now include an address and specify the radius around it in order to get more from your ad investment. Having an open house or new listing just hit the market? Supplement your postcard mailers with an ad using the new Facebook targeting to invite people to the open house or to call you for a viewing. Just sold a home in a neighborhood? Promote your success using the new Facebook targeting to let the neighbors know that it sold and invite them to get a free Home Value Report from your HVL website.

Why It’s Better

Now you can put less money towards your Facebook ads since you can hone in on a specific group of Facebook members. Instead of spending, say, $20 on targeting an entire city or zip code, you can spend maybe $5 around an address. By doing this, you can determine in even more detail the type of people you’d like to attract with your Facebook ad based on where they live.

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For example, if you would like to target all the affluent neighborhoods for a luxury listing, you can do so if you have a specific central address around which those people live. You can also target potential real estate leads by targeting affluent zip codes or an address in an affluent part of another town nearby to attract potential buyers.

This could be especially helpful if you know of an influx of people moving to your specific city from another city. Many companies, for example, relocate their employees if they are moving their headquarters.

Another useful example where you can use this this new Facebook ad targeting attribute is by targeting condo or luxury apartment dwellers where you suspect they would be ready to buy their first homes. Some thorough research into the demographics of certain areas can help you locate these different zip codes.

Want to target potential second homebuyers? Find neighborhoods with affluent baby boomers. This can be a great option if you are selling a home that would make the perfect vacation home a small road trip away from certain towns and cities.

One final example is targeting specific zip codes or a central address around which you know many homeowners are selling their homes. Maybe their neighborhood is a hot area of town that many potential buyers are looking to buy. Creating an ad that speaks to these prospective home sellers that lets them know the potential sale of their home could be just the push they need to consider selling – and to choose you as an agent.

Creating Your Facebook Ad

It’s important to listen to your clients, both home sellers and buyers, to understand the needs they have or what they are looking for. By doing this, you can figure out what specific locations have the highest potential prospects for buyers of that type of home. Research on the local economy, for example an influx of people coming to town from a specific city or a relocation of a new company, is a great way to find out potential lead areas, too.

Once you know who to target and where to target them, make sure your message is geared to their needs. With a little legwork and some creative thinking, your Facebook ads could prove to be more valuable than ever.

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