LinkedIn Article Writing for Real Estate Agents

Renae Virata | February 24, 2017 | Marketing

LinkedIn Article Writing for Real Estate AgentsIf you’re active on LinkedIn, you’ve probably come across a ton of recommended articles for you to read. Because LinkedIn is a platform for business, all articles are most well received when they have to do with anything pertaining to human capital, marketing, entrepreneurship and more.

You might have passed on writing an article for LinkedIn as a real estate agent. Many business owners and professionals do, thinking that the type of information they have to share won’t be of interest to the LinkedIn audience nor have any direct benefit to their businesses, particularly real estate.

We are here to say: You CAN write something that will get eyeballs and get you leads.

Writing on LinkedIn

Besides SEO purposes and potential leads, writing articles on LinkedIn ever so often has some great benefits for you as a real estate professional.

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You may be surprised how many topics you can actually write about as a real estate agent. Think about what you do every day. You capture leads, do some stellar marketing, conduct research, lead others – the list goes on and on. These are the very topics that any business would love to read.

What’s more, you can put your own special real estate spin on it. People often wonder what goes on behind closed business doors. This is an opportunity to enlighten them!

And finally, tell a story. Everyone loves a good story to illustrate a point. As an agent, we’re sure you have PLENTY of them! Plus, it gives people an excellent way to get to know you and to connect with you.

LinkedIn Topic Ideas for Agents

  • Great marketing ideas for lead generation
  • Why providing stellar customer service matters
  • Things you’ve learned about running your own business
  • Time it takes to see success with your own business
  • Work / life balance tips
  • Reviews of business books you’ve read and how you apply them to your business

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to get started writing LinkedIn articles, it couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve logged in, on your profile page, click on “Write and article” in the post field, write your headline and get to work!

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Renae Virata