For the Love of Real Estate: Why Agents Love Their Jobs

Renae Virata | February 10, 2017 | Real Estate Agent Industry Reports

To be a real estate agent takes a special combination of drive, heart and service that few people can do. This Valentine’s Day, we asked real estate agents around the country to tell us what they love about being a professional in the real estate industry.

Maybe you share some of these agents’ sentiments. Maybe their stories are a good reminder about why you started a career in this field and keep doing it everyday. We hope their stories inspire you to be better every day and to continue to be excited.

Jim, Fort Lauderdale Beachfront Property

“What I love about being a Real Estate Agent is helping young families. Most of my colleagues prefer to handle big dollar transactions, and certainly the freedom and earnings potential drew me into the business 10 years ago.

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“Even so, I find it especially rewarding helping a young couple trying to start a family find their starter home, steering them through the process, making sure they connect with reputable mortgage and title people, even if it does involve a lot more explanation, and fellow realtors often kid me about devoting so much extra time and effort to earning a relatively small commission.

“Still, I helped one young couple several years ago, a lovely young lady who was pregnant at the time. She broke into tears after the Closing, hugged me. The husband, all choked up, could barely speak. They sent me this stupid little plastic trophy cup a couple days later engraved with ‘World’s Greatest Realtor.’ I look at it when the business starts getting to me, reminds me what I do can have a positive effect on people’s lives.”

Dylan Bode, Realtor, Herg Group North Suburban at Keller Williams Premier Realty North Suburban

“My favorite aspect of being a Real Estate Agent is seeing the transformative power the home-buying process has on individuals and families. We get to be a part of one of the most important steps in people’s lives and when they choose us to help with that, it is truly one of the greatest honors.

“I started working in Real Estate because I wanted to be able to have unlimited potential for growth. I knew that if I continued to apply a strong work-ethic, I could achieve great things.

“I am still in my first year as a real estate agent.”

Kate Diodati, Realtor, Herg Group Central Mass, Keller Williams Westborough

“I started working in real estate after spending three years searching for my dream home on my own…. during that time, I picked up on all the subtle nuances of the business. Pictures, listing info, marketing, salesmanship, etc. I noticed which agents spoke to me as a business opportunity and which ones wanted to educate me for my own benefit. I realized I had a skill set that would be incredibly valuable in real estate and wanted to put them to use helping people. It’s a fantastic honor to use my tools in an enriching way.

“Some of the most gratifying moments during the past year have been, when on more than one occasion, a client has expressed interest in becoming a real estate agent as well. And the fact that I could provide them such an enjoyable experience, present and execute such a professional representation of what it means to be an agent that my client themselves would consider pursuing real estate is an incredible compliment.”

Jerry, International Home Realty, Irvine, CA

“I love to see the face of a child light up when their parents are ready to make an offer and they tell the child to pick their bedroom… They get so excited and run around to see what room they will be sleeping in. Their parents know the room will hold a lot of memories for their children. It makes me happy to know that what I do as a realtor, matters to the life of a child.”

Carrie Kellerman, Realtor, Hergenrother Realty Group at Keller Williams Coastal Realty

“About six years ago I found myself as a divorced single mom; my business was not awarded to me. So I was stuck at a $10 an hour job that did not pay the bills. I became frustrated very quickly in that situation. I took the last $2,000 that I had from my tax return, invested in the real estate class, passed the test the first time! (In New Hampshire, the norm is 3.5 times to pass!) This was and still is one of the best decisions of my life! In this career, I have learned so much about myself and how to be a better listener, businesswoman, and all around better person.”

Sandie Terenzi, Realtor, The Terenzi Team, Hergenrother Realty Group, Keller Williams Greater Hartford

“It is a great feeling when you provide value to clients who desire to buy or sell a house. We work so closely with our clients in helping them achieve their goal. It is an awesome feeling when they refer to other family members or friends, that to me says it all. 

“I wake up every day, with a smile on my face, because I love what I do. I never had that feeling like when I worked at a bank previously. My favorite aspect about my job is helping my team of agents reach their goals.”

Jim Krimpelbein, Realtor, HergGroup Eau Claire, Keller Williams Integrity WI/MN

“In January of 2015 my dad who was only 60 at the time was diagnosed with stage 4 renal cell cancer (kidney cancer). Although he fought hard, it was a short fight. He passed away on April 21, 2015. He was in a career he could not wait to get out of and had plans to retire at 62. Well, he never made it and passed away before he had time to enjoy retirement and all the fun things my mom and him had planned.

“My dad’s dad and my only grandpa I ever really go to know passed away just before Labor Day weekend of 2015. He was a WWII vet and in his late 80’s at the time. Grandpa had fluid building up around his heart and they could not do much more then make him comfortable. He was given about seven days to make it as he was not able to eat or drink after the first day. As a true stubborn German he was not ready to follow the time frame they gave us. He finally passed in the early evening of day 17!

“My mom, wife, and two girls and I had pre-planned trip to Disney World in October of 2015. The trip to Disney was very hard for us as my dad was the reason we started going to Disney. He loved everything Disney and eventually planned to winter in Florida and work for Disney. On the plane ride home I remember saying to my wonderful wife, ‘I am going to quit my job.’ All she said was, ‘Okay.’ I had no idea how we were going to make it all work. Quitting a job you have been at for almost 15 years with a nice steady paycheck every week. But we both knew it was the right choice. I am not going to get to the end of my life whenever that day comes and say, ‘I wish I had done things differently.’

“So after having to bury her only son and husband of more then 50 years, grandma passed away just after Thanksgiving of 2015. She was also the only grandma I ever really got to know as well. She would do anything for her only two grandchildren and later her four great grandchildren. She spoke with her older sister everyday until she could not speak anymore. I remember being the last person to talk with her before she took a turn for the worse and was not able to speak anymore. I was able to tell her that I was quitting my job and going to sell real estate. She was very happy that I was going to be doing something that I truly wanted to do. The evening that I told her was the last evening she was able to speak. That night she took a turn and a few days later she was gone. I really believe that even though I was not able to share my plans with my dad and grandfather by telling her they know.”

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Renae Virata