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homevalueleads | September 11, 2013 | Marketing, Resources for Real Estate Leads & Referrals

How much time do you devote to managing your lead database? My guess is that you either don’t spend enough time because you are too busy, or you spend way too much time because you do a great job of generating leads. I’ve been in the same position: too busy with clients to manage my database or to busy with my database to manage my clients. Regardless of which situation applies to you, I’d like to introduce you to Follow Up Boss. Not only should you start managing your Home Value real estate seller leads with Follow Up Boss, you should use it as your new real estate lead management tool for all of your leads.

Follow Up Boss has taken a revolutionary step in real estate that allows all of your lead sources to flow directly into the Follow Up Boss CRM. Follow Up Boss currently works with over 100 lead providers, including Home Value Leads, eliminating hours of needless duplication and management of your real estate database. Since Follow Up Boss’ inception, several “big name” CRMs have attempted to copy this ability, but none have taken it to the stage that Follow Up Boss has.

Dan Corkill, creator of Follow Up Boss, says, “Most agents like Follow Up Boss because it’s simple and much more automatic than a traditional data entry intensive CRM. This means it actually works to get agents in contact with more people and track all of their leads”. Follow Up Boss automatically tags incoming leads with their lead source so you know exactly where it came from. Syncing with your email allows FollowUpBoss to keep track of your conversations and automatically archives them for that lead. Keep track of who you have contacted and who you haven’t. Use an outside mail source like Mail Chimp and set up campaigns that will trigger automatically when the lead registers. And if you click on any lead, it will open up a window that will show you if there are any social media profiles associated with that email address. You can even integrate an entire team into Follow Up Boss and distribute leads round-robin style if you choose.

Renee Burrows, one of FollowUpBoss’ clients, had this to say about the service: “When my wordpress site got out of control and my leads were costing me 20 hours of month of data entry into a leads distribution system for my agents – I hooked up ALL my lead sources to follow up boss. I then connected follow up boss to mailchimp for 3 email touches a month. It’s pretty seamless and very little learning curve. The great thing about follow up boss is that I can put ALL my lead sources into that CRM (IDX, Zillow, Trulia, – not just wordpress or leads from that website specifically. All leads are entered automatically into CRM, all leads are entered automatically into mailchimp. Mailchimp is fed by RSS. So my main job is back to blogging and procuring leads rather than managing databases.”

Do yourself a favor and take a look at FollowUpBoss. Not only will it save you time, money, and headaches, it will help you to manage your leads more efficiently. When it comes to Home Value Leads and any other lead source, make FollowUpBoss your real estate CRM of choice.

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