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Renae Virata | September 13, 2017 | Best Practices

Get in Touch with Facebook MessengerAs a real estate agent, you may just be getting a strong handle on texting your clients. Going mobile for any business, let alone the real estate field, is a huge opportunity to connect with clients and even leads today. In fact, 80 percent of social usage, for example, is done on mobile phones, according to a ComScore report from 2016.

Facebook Messenger is another solid tool for agents to connect with clients and leads via smartphone. Just a few years ago, Messenger was a feature that a select few used. Today, usage has grown to 1.2 billion users monthly. Facebook has poured lots of resources into improving the Messenger experience to expand its utility across a variety of demographics and purposes.

So, are you using Facebook Messenger in your real estate business? Here’s what you may already know and some of the latest updates to help you jump on the Messenger bandwagon.

Facebook Messenger has always had a pretty simple and easy-to-use navigation experience. However, Facebook has added a number of subtle yet helpful changes. Here are just a few that were instituted just this year

Navigation Revamped

Messenger did an overhaul of its navigation. New tabs at the top to help more easily organize messages, active contacts and groups. In addition, red dots on each tab let you know when new activity since your last visit to that tab has occurred. The change, according to Facebook, encourages more opportunities to communicate and to facilitate that communication.

New Groups Features

Under the Groups tab, which moved to the top from the bottom of the screen, you can identify who is currently active as indicated by a green dot next to their name. This is a great addition to the app to push correspondence in real time – so important when a client or lead wants to hear back from their agents on any updates.

Active Users

Active Users in its own tab at the top can help you as an agent, again, identify who is online at that very moment. The more quickly you communicate, the better your service. Texting and email certainly don’t give you that important intel!

Facebook Messenger Camera

You may or may not have felt the large presence of the camera button in Messenger before, but today, the button is evenly spaced out and as prominent as its counterparts at the bottom of the screen. It used to be so much bigger, leading to frustrating accidental camera visits. You still get all the great features like filters. Don’t forget, the camera can be an agent’s friend in Messenger when you want to send a quick listing recommendation or other timely images.

And there you have it! While texting and email are easy ways to connect through your phone, you might do better with the feature-loaded, updated Messenger app.

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Renae Virata