Facebook Best Practices to Generate Real Estate Leads

homevalueleads | April 11, 2019 | Facebook, Real Estate Leads

Last month, we published numerous blogs on one of the unsung ways for real estate agents to generate leads. By discussing in detail the real estate agent door knocking strategy, we provided agents with a way for them to generate leads without having to rely exclusively on word of mouth, networking, or Internet-based ways to generate leads.

The door knocking strategy most definitely works. However, to generate leads on a consistent basis, it’s important to implement the door knocking strategy, but not to rely exclusively on it. That’s true for every lead generation process, including networking and word of mouth lead generation.

It’s also true for Facebook lead generation. Generating leads on Facebook remains a viable part of a real estate agent’s overall strategy. In no way, it replaces any other strategy, though. When you read this blog, don’t believe that you can decide to forego lead generation via Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Most definitely don’t decide that Facebook will carry your lead generation so far that you can disregard a door knocking strategy or forget about word of mouth marketing.

One thing you should realize is that Facebook remains viable to consistent lead generation. That’s the real goal with this blog, to educate real estate agents to the value of advertising on Facebook. Check it out!

Facebook has had a tough couple of years. Because of that fact, it’s important that real estate agents like us refresh ourselves about Facebook best practices. By doing so, we can ensure we don’t end up breaking the new Facebook rules.

1. Facebook is concentrating on privacy

Facebooks issues revolve around privacy. It’s become so bad that the company has pivoted to more private messaging. That’s not necessarily a bad thing for real estate agents. Private messages can take an agent much further than other forms of communication.

Using Facebook to send private messages could generate more leads than you ever imagined, or, it could backfire. The key is to know when to send a private message and when to hold back.

2. Think in terms of relationship building

How do you know when to send a private message? First, determine where the prospect is in the sales process. If they seem like a warm prospect that you can turn into a hot prospect, by all means, send them a private message. If they seem like a cold prospect right now, you can still send them a private message. Just make sure your private message’s goal is to build the relationship.

In fact, every private message you send via Facebook should be to build a relationship.

3. Don’t expect to generate leads overnight

Why do you want to build relationships? You’re not going to generate leads overnight. You can end up becoming friends with potential  leads overnight, but you won’t generate much leads via private messages. That just doesn’t happen on Facebook like it used to. There are multiple reasons why.

First, like already mentioned, Facebook is pivoting to more private messaging. It takes much longer to send private messages than it does to blast Facebook ads. Then, you must work on those you’ve sent private messages to so that they become actual leads instead of just Facebook friends.

Second, unless someone calls or emails you about selling their home, lead generation always takes time. Walk-in leads, either digitally through email, via the phone, or a physical walk into your office, doesn’t happen the way it used to. It especially doesn’t happen on Facebook.

The third reason why it’s difficult to generate leads overnight is because Facebook remains a discussion-based platform. Potential clients don’t go onto Facebook looking for a real estate agent. They go onto Facebook to converse, see what their friends have posted, and participate in their Facebook communities.

4. Use the Home Value Leads Facebook ad process

Although it’s difficult to generate leads via Facebook simply because of what the platform is, Home Value Leads has created a Facebook ad process in which any of their clients can participate. The Facebook ad you send via the HVL Facebook ad process will generate leads.

Almost as important, it will brand who you are. Branding might be the most important aspect of marketing yourself as a real estate agent. Without a real brand, how will you differentiate yourself? Using Facebook ads to brand yourself will eventually generate actual leads.

Our solution will not only help you generate real estate leads, but we will also help you get your ads up and running in a couple of minutes, with no additional charge.

5. Only post relevant information

Using the HVL Facebook ad process and sending private messages should generate leads for you. But to really generate leads, you must participate. Remember, people go onto Facebook to communicate, participate in conversations, post relevant information, participate in Facebook groups, and find out what their friends have been up to.

If all you do is use the HVL Facebook ad process and send private messages, you won’t generate as many leads as you would by participating in conversations and in groups. By doing so, you humanize yourself. Then, when a potential lead sees your Facebook ad, they’re more likely to consider you as their real estate agent.

6. Be sincere in your Facebook communications

Always be sincere in all your communications, whether through the phone, email, on Facebook, no matter the communication delivery method. Be sincere any time you speak to anybody and you’ll generate leads even if you said nothing about being a real estate agent.

7. Facebook lead generation is all encompassing

You probably realize that Facebook lead generation is all encompassing. You most definitely should sign-up for Home Value Leads’ Facebook ads once you’ve signed up for an HVL account. But, you must also participate on Facebook and send private messages. It takes all of those things to really generate leads on what remains the most popular social media site in the world. One more thing to remember, have fun with it. You’re communicating, talking to people, doing your thing. For a real estate agent, the only thing better is running an open house and

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