Email Signature Tips for Real Estate Agents

Renae Virata | September 20, 2017 | Marketing

Email Signature Tips for Real Estate AgentsMarketing 101 since the advent of email has dictated how to put together an effective email message. You probably pour many hours into your email newsletters and email drip campaigns. However, one of the most missed opportunities with email is ever present and super easy to use – your email signature.

Email Signature Basics

We hope that as a real estate professional, you have been operating your business with at least a well structured email signature. It’s not enough to sign your name at the end of every message.
The basic components of an email signature include:
  • Your full name
  • Your business’ name
  • Your business website
  • Your phone number
  • Your business address (if applicable)
  • Social media handles or links
These should always be included in your signature. They are the most direct ways to learn more about you, your business and how people can reach you.
If you create your email signature in HTML, include your logo for additional brand recognition. In lieu of links, hyperlink social media icons to your social websites.
One word of warning (and we see this a LOT), refrain from creating an image of your signature. Most people read email on their phones. Typing out your signature allows your audience to click on a link and to either copy and paste your phone number or click directly on your phone number to dial.

Email Signature Expanded

Now, here is where your email signature can be an extensive marketing tool for your real estate business. You can include a variety of different elements to create more specific calls to action for your email recipients to follow or share more interesting information about your business.
  • News – Has your real estate business been recently featured in the local paper? Hyperlink a simple, one-line announcement about it to the article or include the title of the article if it is descriptive enough.
  • Awards – Recent awards related to your business give more credibility. Include a logo or a simple “[Your Real Estate Business] Named Top 10 Real Estate Firms in [Your Market]!” If you have an article talking about your business or a blog post you created around the award, hyperlink the logo or line to it.
  • Video – You’ve worked hard to put together a top-notch video for your real estate business. Here’s another avenue to promote it. Introduction videos are a perfect fit for an email signature.
  • Special events – If you have a special open house event you are hosting or are part of a community event, let people know. Whether it’s for business or to support a cause you and your business are a part of, it’s important to share that with any audience you have. And there’s no better captive audience than someone who is receiving an email from you who is expecting it.
  • Reports – You can include the latest reports relevant to your farm or offer a call to action to inquire about, say a home value of one’s property if you use a service like Home Value Leads.
We recommend keeping these extra elements fresh by updating this section often and including no more than one special element at a time.
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Renae Virata