Creating a Real Estate Newsletter Subscribers Will Read

Renae Virata | February 8, 2016 | Marketing

Creating a Real Estate Newsletter Subscribers Will ReadEach real estate newsletter you send out must deliver value in some way. What content will speak most to your audiences? Let’s explore a few different pieces of information that will help you connect with your audience more and when it can work for you.

Create a Calendar

Planning is essential to any real estate marketing strategy, and this applies to your newsletter strategy as well. Taking into account your local environment, the general real estate environment, holidays and other external factors, it will be much easier for you to generate the content you need and to consistently send out communications.

You don’t need a fancy system to pre-plan content for your newsletter. All you need is a spreadsheet, calendar or online project management tool where you can dump your topics and resources for content.

First, you have to decide to whom you will send out newsletters, or your segmented lists in your email software. As we noted before, the information you deliver to each will be slightly different because of your relationship with them (i.e. past clients vs. leads).

Next, determine how often you want to send out communications. Maybe past clients are once a month and leads are every two weeks. In your planner, calendar or online project management system, create a list for these days.

Consistent Content Sections

Organizing your content into consistent areas of topics benefits both you and your email lists. For you, you will know ahead of time what content areas you need to keep on the eye out for to fill those sections of your newsletter. For your email subscribers, they will know every time what to expect from each newsletter.

Some areas of content for past clients may include:

  • Tips for maintaining their homes or properties
  • Upcoming events in the neighborhood or in your market area
  • Referral incentives you offer
  • Market statistics for your market area
  • A list of your blog posts with excerpts relevant to your past clients’ interests

Some areas for content for real estate leads may include:

  • One or two highlighted properties you are selling
  • Testimonials from both a home seller and home buyer
  • A list of articles they may find interesting regarding home selling/buying, real estate trends and market data
  • A list of your blog posts with excerpts relevant to your real estate leads’ interests

Each section should be clearly marked and information concise enough to capture their attention. Graphics will create more interest and better illustrate upon first glance what you are sharing in each section. You can then repurpose this content on social media and for a related blog post.

Digging into Content

Let’s dig a little more deeply into the content you want to include. It cannot be understated how important it is to provide relevant and interesting information that your newsletter subscribers can use.

If you are sending a newsletter to past clients, then your goal is to keep yourself top of mind for them for future listings and for referrals. With those singular goals in mind, you will have a much easier time determining the content that will be an important step in accomplishing those goals.

Any tips that you can provide that helps homeowners keep up their properties or that help with any financial topics that will help them long after the house has closed is important. Tax season is coming up, for example, so you might want to remind them of any tax documents they should have on hand after the sale of their home. This is a great time to find a tax expert in this area to include a guest blog post that you can then link in your newsletter. In fact, having a section for past clients with any related real estate experts’ advice will expand their network and knowledge through you and give you content without your having to write it!

Handy with graphics? You can use online software like Canva to create free or low-cost graphics that illustrate information you’d like to share. (Then don’t forget to discuss in a blog post and create a link back to it in your newsletter and social media.)

Being a neighborhood expert is an easy way to give your home buying clients (if you want to further segment your list between past listing clients and past home buyers) useful information that they will look forward to receiving from you. Recent retail or restaurant developments, upcoming events and the like are all interesting and relevant. You can subscribe to online communities like NextDoor or BubbleLife, where neighbors provide content for specific areas around the country. You know it’s useful if people in that area are generating the content and commenting on it.

Finally, never, ever forget a call to action in your newsletters! You can create a sidebar that includes your call to action at the top with your photo. Keeping this section dynamic month to month is a good tactic so people have something different each time to look forward to instead of glazing over that area of your newsletter.

For example, mentioning that you appreciate referrals to past clients is a good ask to include as well invitations to ask you any questions they have. Any contact that you can make is sure to keep you top of mind with your subscribers and will bring you closer to lining up new business.

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Renae Virata