Convert Real Estate Leads into Clients

Renae Virata | April 6, 2015 | Resources for Real Estate Leads & Referrals

Convert Real Estate Leads into ClientsGetting real estate leads can be an exciting and motivating moment… until you get those “just curious” home sellers or buyers.

You know the kind, the ones that somehow landed in your inbox but don’t actually intend (or don’t think they intend) to actually sell or buy a home? Here are some tips on how to convert real estate leads into clients.

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, it’s important to build your relationship with the seller or buyer from the get-go.

Most homeowners are reluctant to work with real estate agents if they come off arrogant or sale-sy. It’s important to find out why they are curious in the first place, their motivation for selling or buying.

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This puts you in a good spot with them. Nothing’s worse for a potential client than not being heard and feeling as if they are going be just another number on a quota sheet.

Having a conversation and building rapport can help you convert real estate leads more often.

Convert real estate leads by uncovering their objections:

  • I’m not ready to sell my house. Is it their lack of knowledge in the market? Fear of the process? Emotionally attached to the house? Or do they think that their home is not in good enough shape but would take too much work to get ready for a sale?Offer some advice from past clients’ experiences, share information or give them a couple ideas on staging a home versus remodeling completely.
  • When I’m ready, I think I can sell it on my own. Do they have the time or tools available to make the process smooth and to keep them from ending up in a disadvantageous situation as an FSBO?Just give them one or two good (but not too good!) pointers they had not considered that will open their eyes to your expertise and convince them they might actually need your help.
  • I really am just curious. Is someone they know thinking of selling their home? Did they have someone ask about their property or maybe they see that a lot of people in the area are selling at a good price?Give them an overview of the activity you’ve seen in the area and offer to send a report to them if they’d like to know more.

    Even if it doesn’t convince them, they might share their conversation and info from you with someone who will need your help, turning into an instant referral.

In addition to lending your ear, give them some advice that doesn’t have “work with me” written all over it. Maybe they just need to refinance. You could refer them to a mortgage lender in this case.

Or you can send them a report if they aren’t sure how much equity they have. Sharing your tools and knowledge won’t take too much time on your part but give them all the confidence in the world that you will always be on their side should they become a client.

Another way to convert real estate leads, either homeowners or potential home buyers, is to give them examples of your experience with certain clients who had the same questions or were in the same situation.

Doing so tells them that you know what you’re talking about, firsthand, and can do the same for them.

At the end (and you don’t have to spend much time entertaining them), let them know that if they need your help selling or buying a home to contact you and leave them your information.

Converting real estate leads doesn’t always happen at the first meeting. Let them know that you’ll follow up with them in a month or two if you don’t hear from them in case they have more questions – and be sure to take down whatever contact information you don’t have!

If you have a newsletter, offer to add them to the list for good advice, data and tips on the area and the local market.

You will convert real estate leads much more effectively if you start listing and stop selling. All of this is just consultative real estate.

Once you have the client’s confidence, they will be more likely to act quickly and finally let you take them under your wing.

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Renae Virata