4 Real Estate Agent Video Ideas

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Home Value Leads’ main goal is to help real estate agents generate leads that they can then turn into home sales. Selling more homes leads to more real estate agent profit. Not only that, but every time a real estate agent sells a home, their brand becomes that much bigger.

HVL’s Facebook advertising model can generate mass leads. But, utilizing Facebook advertising isn’t the only thing agents should do. They should also create a YouTube Channel and upload videos. They should also upload videos to Instagram. However, many real estate agents (maybe you’re one of them!) might not know what videos to load onto YouTube or Instagram.

Check out 4 video ideas that can help you get the wheels moving.


4 Real Estate Agent Video Ideas


  1. Go Live at Open Houses

Why not go live at an open house? This could definitely generate plenty of leads. It will also build your brand. Going live at an open house shows you’ve got confidence as well as gives a peek into how you are as a real estate agent. If potential homebuyers that visit your open house are up for being on your live video, that’s even better!

Going live at open houses won’t work for Instagram, though. So, if you decide to do this, make sure it’s either on a Facebook feed or on your YouTube Channel.

  1. Question and answer session

You could be more creative with something like this more than something like going live at an open house. Set up a question and answer session with either current or former clients. If you’ve already built your reputation and brand, you might find potential clients. Post the video to your Facebook page, onto your website, and onto your YouTube Channel. Skip Instagram with this.

Make sure you let people who participate know what you’re going to do with the video. The worst thing would be for them to see their image on your video and not know you were going to post it.

  1. Client testimonials

Testimonials work these days because we are more impressed by what one of our peers says about a product or service than we are about how it’s advertised to us. Real estate agent client testimonials especially work because buying or selling a house is a big deal that requires a lot of effort, stress, time, and money.

Depending on how long the testimonials are, you can upload this to your Instagram along with uploading to your website, Facebook, and YouTube.

  1. Real estate education video

There are a lot of real estate education videos already on YouTube. You could create similar videos with a twist, though. For example, how many real estate agent education videos on YouTube dig deep into rising interest rates and home sales? Or, how many discuss contracting and how going with the wrong contractor can hurt a home sale?

Study what’s already on YouTube or Facebook and get creative on how you’re going to make your real estate agent videos stand out. Also, make sure to have fun with this one! Instagram’s out because of the video lengths. But, YouTube and Facebook are definitely in.

We live in a video-centric world. By creating any of the above four videos, real estate agents will not only build their brands, but also generate leads. These are only four video types, though. Get creative, come up with a few on your own, and you’ll generate even more leads.

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