New Referral Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Renae Virata | June 29, 2016 | Best Practices

New Referral Ideas for Real Estate AgentsReferrals are a great source of leads for real estate agents. But you don’t have to count on only your past clients and fellow agents for them (although you should absolutely start there first). We have talked about a “second tier” of referrals from vendors you may work with throughout the real estate process. Now, let’s talk about another layer of referral ideas that you may not have thought of.

Human Resource Representatives

Every years, thousands of people move from city to city for job relocation purposes. This could be a huge opportunity for real estate agents like you. Whether the person is a transplant to begin with or a long-time resident who is making their first move away from the city, he or she is likely in need to sell their home.

The best place to find these leads is the human resource departments of local companies in your area. If you scour the local papers and online news sites, you can get a good idea for what type of companies are likely to transfer their employees. Major corporations with locations around the country or the world, for example, move their employees often enough to probably need an agent of choice to make their moves easier.

Before you approach a human resource representative who works with employee relocation, develop a packet or presentation that will demonstrate your ability to help their employees. Understand the needs of an employee when making such a big move and note how you can help make the process of listing their home easier. You might have an example of one or more clients whom you have helped in this way, especially if the move was quick and the client had to move before the property was sold. Give examples of what you did and how knowledgeable you are in this situation.

Relocation Companies

On the same token, local relocation companies may need the help of a real estate agent to help their clients find homes in the area. All the hard work you have put into understanding your particular market and the neighborhoods you serve could come in handy in this case.

Let the relocation company know what you can offer their clients as a total resource, complementing the services that the relocation company has to offer. In addition, offer to provide cross-promotion via social media, your blog and newsletters to give them an incentive to work with you.

Some real estate agents have a relocation arm of their business. Instead of jumping too deeply into creating a completely new business line for your real estate business, you can simply offer to use the relocation company as an extension of your business.

Estate and Divorce Attorneys

Unfortunately, a time comes in many people’s lives when they have to deal with tough situations like estate planning for a passing relative or divorce. These situations usually call for the help of a specialized attorney.

You can partner with the attorneys to help make their clients’ transition or situation easier by providing real estate services to list a home or, in the case of divorce, help both parties find new ones.

It’s important in these situations to always be sensitive to the events at hand. Letting the attorneys you partner with know that you genuinely care and would be an extension of their business will give them more confidence to work with and send referrals to you.

The same, as in most partnerships, goes with your referring clients to them.

Before you partner with anyone for referrals in this way, it’s important to know how they are representing you. Providing a sort of media kit with all information about your services can be helpful. In addition, do your research on your potential partners before approaching them so that you can be sure that their values align well with yours.


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Renae Virata