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Home Value Leads | June 17, 2015 | Agent Spotlight

3105 Group LogoAgent Spotlight: Nic Silvester and Ryan Welch, Keller Williams Biltmore Partners

With a combined 37 years of experience, the 3105 Group provides a top notch customer service to clients looking to buy or sell real estate in Phoenix, Arizona. With that much experience, they figured they had the concept of lead generation and conversion down to an art. They soon realized that was far from the truth. Ryan agreed to share some of his insights and tips that he has learned and the key to their success.

Home Value Leads: Thanks for agreeing to talk with us Ryan. Let’s start with the basics – How long have you been a Home Value Leads client and what kind of results have you seen?

Ryan Welch: We have been a client of HVL since November of 2014. From November to March, we just had our ads running and piling up leads. No follow up was performed other than the drips from HVL. In March, we signed up for Follow Up Boss (thanks to the HVL guys for the hookup with FUB!), and got serious about properly following up with our HVL leads. That’s when the magic started to happen! We have signed 2 listings since March, for a total of $652,000 in listings. We also got a sign call on one of them that resulted in another listing- so that’s really a total of 3 listings directly from HVL. We also have 3 more listing appointments this week.

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Home Value Leads: What other lead generation strategies have you used and how do they compare to Home Value Leads?

Ryan: We have been doing some traditional neighborhood farming (monthly mailings) and also running a buyer lead campaign via our REW site with Google Adwords. The nice thing about the HVL leads, is we’re in control. We can control our budgets, targeting, and the ad itself.

Home Value Leads: What is your follow-up strategy with these leads?

Ryan: We have ramped up our follow up strategy incrementally as we learn more. We’re constantly learning about new ways to engage our HVL clients- which has spilled over into how we engage our sphere and other clients. The success of your HVL campaign is DIRECTLY proportional to the quality of your follow up! Without proper follow up, don’t expect awesome results. Use the tools that HVL provides! They have great scripts on their website- use them and don’t make excuses! Here’s a snapshot of how we follow up:

Day 1-5 after the lead comes in- they get called and texted repeatedly, as well as a personal email. From there, they go on a weekly follow up campaign (phone calls and texts). After a month of this intense follow up, they go on a monthly call list. All the while, they are getting the standard HVL drips & Monthly value updates. If they are “warm” we mail to them too. We essentially identify if they are going to be “warm” as soon as possible.

Home Value Leads: Why do you think some agents are successful while others are not?

Ryan: This is easy. Most agents are not willing to put in the work. They aren’t willing to pick up the phone and call, call again, and again. HVL is just like any other activity in Real Estate (or any other business for that matter). Successful entrepreneurs create a plan from the outset and stick with it. Many business owners will implement a plan for a month or two, not see the results that they dreamed of, and quit. It takes commitment! If you want to be successful, commit to a plan and stick with it. Even if it’s not the PERFECT plan (none are), having a plan and sticking with it will greatly increase your odds of being successful.

Home Value Leads: If you could give agents ONE piece of advice that would enhance their online lead generation and conversion, what would it be?

Ryan: Call & Text. And do it over and over until they respond. Even if they respond with I’m not interested- GO AWAY, thats OK! Now you know where that lead stands and can concentrate your efforts strategically.

We would like to thank Ryan for answering our questions about how the 3105 Group has used Home Value Leads to grow their listing business. To see other success stories, check out other articles in our Agent Spotlight Series. If you’d like to see if Home Value Leads can help boost your real estate business, we would like to invite you to take advantage of our 14 day free trial. Curious how it works? Watch this short video!

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