Facebook Group Ideas from Real Estate Pros

Renae Virata | July 21, 2017 | Marketing

In our last post, we discussed why Facebook groups should be something you consider joining or starting as a real estate agent. We reached out to some real estate agents across the country to learn how they are using Facebook groups and how they have impacted their businesses.

“Here in the Los Angeles area, there are four Facebook groups that I use. Only two are closed to the public. I use them to publicize new listings and open houses to other agents.” – Kathryn Bishop; Keller Williams Realty; Studio City, California

“I started Brews And Business Networking last year.

“It’s a closed group so I can control the content but anyone can join. It’s  designed for people who like craft beers and want to network for business  and social.

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“The way I attract new people to it is by promoting events at local craft breweries throughout my community.

“I engage the members by posting content to the page and asking them what  breweries they would like me to host an event at. I try to engage them every few weeks.” –Paul G. Lykins; True Floridian Realty; Delray Beach, FL

“We have had a FB group for the last 4 years and try to grow the followers every year. We are interested in brand development and in having the public engage us and others through this forum. Hence we kept the group public.

“The FB group provides interesting information and comments on real estate  related activity around Miami. Usually persons who are interested in architecture, development, and neighborhood growth and changes to the City are interested in our FB group.

“We attract members by distilling information into interesting visual  content, and by putting some media content in perspective for our members. In the past we have also advertised on FB with lifestyle related ads as they apply to real estate. The focus is always Miami, Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, the Brickell area and other fun, dynamic places in Miami where people want to live, work, and play.

“We engage members on a weekly basis. Sometimes 3 – 4 times a week. It is  not effective to over engage them because then you lose their attention. We are finding that visual based content is engaging with the members and that they are interested in information about how to augment their properties and about what is happening with real estate development and sales in various neighborhoods around Miami.” – George Theodore, PhD; Address Real Estate LLC; Miami, FL

“We started the Facebook group around the start of our company, so it has been active for over two years. We chose to keep it closed because we wanted a place where the realtors could get together and talk without the world seeing what we were staying.

“Over time, someone gets a new listing and that agent will post about it on the Facebook group. That way our agents get the first look at the listing before it goes public. We also use it to announce events that we are having. However, most of them time realtors post real estate jokes and memes. It’s really meant to give a greater sense of community and connectiveness to agents who aren’t in the office all the time.

“We don’t really engage members to join, just every time we hire a new agent we send them an invite to the group. We also invite their spouses so they can see the events that are going on.

“We normally post something in the group once week and other agents are constantly posting in the group.” – Emily Mort, S&D Real Estate; Lakeland, FL

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Renae Virata