Cool Closing Gifts for Real Estate Clients

Renae Virata | December 2, 2015 | Best Practices

Cool Closing Gifts for Real Estate ClientsWith the holidays comes the most busy gift-giving time of the year. Closing gifts should not be overlooked at this time and will be well-received especially. A great closing gift will show your clients your appreciation for not only their business for trusting in you and your services to help them sell or buy their home! Here are a few ideas you can use that are under $100 to say “Thank You” to your clients after the deal is done!

For Home Buying Clients

Clients who have just bought a new home through you are a lot easier to shop for than home sale clients. Virtually anything you can give to them to make their move-in easier or that has to do with their home to remind them of your help is game. A few of our general favorites:

  • Slate coasters
  • Welcome mats
  • A welcome plant for good luck
  • Cutting board with cheese and meats

Anything that can be personalized or monogrammed, do it! Any number of online websites will do this for you as well as local monogramming stores (they will even have products that you can also purchase from them).

If you happen to know specifics about your client, tailor your gift according to their needs. For example, first-time homeowners will appreciate a small gift card to a local home improvement store paired with a handy mini-toolkit. A new home with a fabulous kitchen that the client may have never had before and is excited to finally have can prompt a gift basket with utensils, monogrammed apron and cookbook. Are they excited to explore the new area they will be living in? Try a gift card for a local entertainment venue along with a bottle of champagne and a guide to all the best attractions and restaurants.

For Home Sale Clients

Gift baskets are probably the easiest closing gifts to give to clients who have just made a home sale, particularly ones with food that they can consume prior to their move to another home or location. Classics that include wine, cookies or an assortment of meats and cheeses work great.

Do you know what’s up next for your clients who have just sold a home with you? Consider if they are moving providing a gift basket with guides for their new city and gift certificates to do some of their favorite things. Ladies (and gents, too!) may love a $50 gift card to a local salon or, better, yet, a Spa Finder gift card that can be used at any number of local spas and salons in their area. Maybe they have kids? Why not purchase a family pack to the local zoo or a popular museum.

General gift cards with a particular theme may be just the ticket to help them get off to a great start in their new location. If you know their next home will require some home improvements, try a Loew’s or Home Depot gift card.

Don’t Make These Closing Gifts Mistakes!

Even with the best of intentions, it can be easy to misstep when giving closing gifts. For example, giving something with your logo, image or information. While it makes sense from a branding standpoint, this gift is more about the client, not you. So your gift should be thoughtful and singular to the client.

Timing is everything when it comes to gifts. For home buying clients, consider giving your gift a month or so out from closing to give the client time to settle in and get their bearings in their new home. You wouldn’t want your gift to end up in a pile with all of their moving boxes or tossed out by accident in the move. For home sale clients, ideally, if you have their address for their new location, think along these same lines and send their gifts after you know they’ve moved. Otherwise, you can send their gift a week or so after closing.

Finally, bring your gift in person, if possible. It shows a nice personal touch and will have more impact if you show up on their doorstep – plus you won’t risk their not accidentally getting it in the mail! It could also be the perfect time to let them know and talk about anyone else they may know of who could benefit from your services in the near future.

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Renae Virata