Kelli Higgins’ 2087% ROI with Home Value Leads *VIDEO*

Renae Virata | September 26, 2018 | Agent Spotlight

Kelli Higgins' 2087% ROI with Home Value Leads

We enjoy a good return-on-investment real estate story – especially when Home Value Leads has a hand in it! This one comes from Topeka, Kansas, a well-known but small market of just 125,000 residents. Kelli Higgins is our star player and faithful HVL user, who, in just her first full year in business, has made an absolute killing.

Year-to-date, Kelli has closed $4.8 million in business. By December, she projects that number to grow to $6 million. As you’ll learn, Kelli has done an a-maz-ing job hustling and investing in what works. HVL is one of those tools that has brought her a whopping 2,087 percent return on her investment.

Kelli’s History with Home Value Leads

Kelly started using Home Value Leads in September 2015 with a monthly plan. As she was new to real estate, she decided to try out other similar lead generation tools and took a break. Weeks later, she returned to HVL and decided to make the commitment for one year.

She claimed the domain and could not believe it was available.

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Why Kelli Chose Home Value Leads

Kelli believes strongly in making investments only in listing-based lead generation tools. And HVL is the king of them! What are her other reasons for choosing and staying with HVL?

  • HVL provides warm leads of potential listing clients. Instead of cold calling out of the blue to ask for business, you are reaching out to leads based on their home value inquiry. Totally and absolutely warrants a phone call, email or letter.
  • Even if you receive partials from HVL, these leads are still, as Kelli says, “raising their hands.” They are clearly curious to some extent about what their house will sell for. That’s a step closer to a potential listing.
  • Leads enter their home addresses to learn about the value of their properties. If you focus on specific farms, this is a great way to see if the lead is in your farm and to allocate resources, messaging and the like tailored specifically to them.
  • HVL does not just bring listing leads. It indirectly brings buyer leads, too! As Kelli cleverly sees it, once a listing from HVL has a yard sign in the front, it opens the door to potential buying clients to call on her services, too.

How Kelli Advertises Her Home Value Leads Site

An HVL site is only as good as the exposure it gets. Kelli tested a number of ways until she found what worked just right.

She first started with Google adds and found that they not only cost too much but also provided too few quality leads. She found, however, that Facebook ads gave her the best ROI.

In addition, Kelli makes sure that she adds her HVL site to every thank you card, newsletter, email, ad and sign that goes out. Even her email signature cannot escape its presence.

How Kelli Follows Up with HVL Leads

One major follow-up practice Kelli does is to send out a personal, handwritten note penned by her on bright-colored paper and including a real stamp to every lead. Does this old-school method work? You bet! Just from these cards, which cost next to nothing from Target, she has gotten two listings. The leads let her know they received the card, appreciate it and love how personable Kelli seems. One of her listings happened within just two weeks of her mailing out the thank you.

Another old-fashioned but effective follow-up Kelli uses is the print newsletter. Partnering with her lender, she provides the content, stamp, seal and three-quarters page ad for the lender while the lender prints the newsletter. This saves Kelli money in printing and the lender in advertising to the growing list of 500 subscribers for each campaign.

Drip campaigns are also important to Kelli’s business. She uses LionDesk to automate emails to her leads. She loves that she can set the drip campaigns’ timing and messaging and that emails go out to each lead for approximately one year.

Postcards are not dead to Kelli, too! She sends “Just Listed” postcards and includes her HVL url every time.

Kelli’s ROI with Home Value Leads

So, let’s break down Kelli’s 2,087 percent success with HVL:

  • January to September 2016
  • Four listings
  • $17,700 GCI
  • $809 investment in HVL
  • 2087% ROI!

One last observation that Kelli has learned that she wants to share, especially with new agents: leads can sometimes take six to 12 months. This month, for example, she has two leads that she has nurtured for the past 12 months who are just now ready to list.

With a little patience, a lot of tenacity and a commitment to a system like Home Value Leads, this kind of success if possible for any real estate agent. Many thanks to Kelli for sharing her insight and ideas and much more luck in the future!

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