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Technical SEO Website Audit & Google Page Experience for Real Estate

Almost every aspect of technology experiences upgrades. From smartphones to the apps installed on them, change and innovation are inevitable. It’s exactly the same for the website and various web assets you own/manage. As a result, you need to make sure you keep them up to date with the changes rolled out by the most […]

Rita Akekelwa Feb 21st, 2022

SEO For Real Estate Agents: A Beginner’s Guide

Becoming a real estate agent can be very rewarding. Real estate agents are their own bosses. They answer only to themselves, meaning anyone who becomes a real estate agent essentially runs a private business. Business owners must always be aware of their competition. In the real estate agent industry, competition is fierce. Real estate agents […]

Rita Akekelwa Feb 20th, 2022

SEO for Realtors: Best Practices for Real Estate Websites

Table of Contents: Best SEO Practices for Real Estate: Create a Great Homepage Create Great Content Define KPIs for your real estate SEO strategy Monitor how your keywords are ranking (SEO Tools) What are long-tail keywords? Avoid Keyword Stuffing SEO Competitor Analysis Make It Mobile and Fast Improve Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness (E-A-T) & YMYL Improve Your Listings […]

Rita Akekelwa Nov 8th, 2021

How to Create a Real Estate Slide Deck for More Content

In this even faster-paced digital age, real estate agents are not immune to the power of content to attract visitors to their websites. The more useful content you include on your site, the more trust you build with your visitors (and Google!) and the more leads you could potentially get. One way to create additional […]

Renae Virata Dec 23rd, 2015