4 Ways to Get Over Prospecting Phobia

Renae Virata | September 23, 2016 | Best Practices, Resources for Real Estate Leads & Referrals

5 Ways to Get Over Prospecting PhobiaProspecting can be a scary activity for some real estate agents. Why do some agents develop a prospecting phobia? Fear of rejection, anticipation of time and effort wasted, laziness… No matter the reason, if you feel fear creeping in every time you even hear the word, then consider these four tips to help turn your fear into a fervor.

Start Small

When you call prospects, do you usually pick up the phone until you get tired? Or call in between appointments or showings? Stop right now! Dedicate just 30 minutes every day, to start, to follow up with these leads. Create a small list that is focused on a specific type of prospect. For example, perhaps you focus on leads from your website. Set a goal to call, say, 2o leads a day. Then, each week, increase this to 40 leads per day. Make your commitment palatable for you and stick to it.

Set Realistic Goals

Set some real goals that you can measure. Besides how many people to contact, give yourself a goal to gain one listing every two weeks. Then increase that to one listing each week.

Of course, to drive this success, you’ve got to increase the number of prospects you contact. Be real with what you can handle and what you can expect from your efforts. If you find that you are not seeing the results you want, review and refine your script and make sure you qualify your leads.

Measure Your Goals

Once you set goals, make sure you are keeping track of results. Keep your contacts in a CRM system or, at the very least, track them in an Excel spreadsheet. Keep good notes. Then take a look at the progress you have made from call to call and email to email. This will help you better understand what kind of prospects respond the best and what types of follow-up work.

Once you start to score listings, you can then see how many points of contact within a given time period it took to get those listings. Measure the final commission against those number of contact points, and you will quickly see how prospecting is well worth your time!

Do Your Research

You’ve decided to place your efforts on farming a particular segment of the market. If you don’t immediately see results, then you may feel the sting and give up.

Instead, take the time to do some research and explore new opportunities for listings. Be cognizant of the community around you, read up on real estate trends and keep your eyes and ears open for where the sellers are – or could be. You might find that the light bulb goes off amidst your findings!

Don’t give in to your prospecting phobia just because you are not seeing results or don’t know where to start. Agents around you are closing business every day, so why shouldn’t you?

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Renae Virata