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Marketing Your Eco Home

Sustainable homes are becoming increasingly popular in the housing market- buyers are looking for eco-friendly features and homeowners are becoming more eager to upgrade their traditional amenities for smarter options. Whether you be a realtor putting a green home on the market or going the “for sale by owner” route, you’re going to want to […]

homevalueleads Apr 22nd, 2019

Why We Real Estate Agents Should Call Them Clients Instead of Customers

In our blog 4 Real Estate Agent Video Ideas, we listed 4 videos that you could upload to YouTube that no doubt would help build your brand. The 4 videos we highlighted were: going live at open houses, a question and answer session, client testimonials, and real estate agent education videos. All 4 should definitely […]


homevalueleads Jan 24th, 2019

Use Your Real Estate Marketing Umbrella for Protection

We recently published a blog on ways to encourage social media engagement. One of the reasons we published the blog was to showcase the fact that even though real estate agents like you might have social media accounts and might post social media messages, it does no good if all you get back are the […]


homevalueleads Jan 21st, 2019

How to Move Sellers in the Right Direction

We recently published a great blog, 9 Questions Your Real Estate Agent Should be Asking You When Selling Your House. Those 9 questions are essential for any real estate agent to sell any home. If you’re a real estate agent, make sure to start with the 9 questions. But, what happens after you’ve gone through […]


homevalueleads Jan 9th, 2019

Ways to Encourage Social Media Engagement

Real estate agents that utilize social media have an edge over their competition. At Home Value Leads, we’re a big believer in the power of social media. From our vantage point, social media marketing’s one of the most powerful ways for real estate agents to build their brands and generate leads. But although real estate […]


homevalueleads Jan 7th, 2019

4 Real Estate Agent Video Ideas

Home Value Leads’ main goal is to help real estate agents generate leads that they can then turn into home sales. Selling more homes leads to more real estate agent profit. Not only that, but every time a real estate agent sells a home, their brand becomes that much bigger. HVL’s Facebook advertising model can […]


homevalueleads Jan 3rd, 2019

Shed These 5 Bad Real Estate Agent Habits this New Year’s

It’s the Holiday Season, which means in addition to considering the closing gifts we’ve given our clients this year, we should also think about the habits we must shed. After all, the New Year only happens, well, once a year, meaning that starting off 2019 the right way can lead to 365 days of real […]


homevalueleads Jan 1st, 2019

4 Biggest Real Estate Expenses

We often publish blogs about what it’s like to be a real estate agent. We do this because we believe small things, like knowing how to deal with an overbearing mentor, what does it mean to be accountable, and whether you should take advice from a fellow real estate agent, help you become a more […]


homevalueleads Dec 27th, 2018

5 More Real Estate Agent Resolutions

The Holiday Season means we should consider how we might improve on our client closing gifts this year as well as what gifts we should give ourselves. By presenting gifts to themselves, real estate agents can improve their careers. While we’re at, we can’t forget about the most important gifts we can present to ourselves: […]


homevalueleads Dec 27th, 2018

Real Estate Agent Info: What Happens to House Prices When Mortgage Rates Rise?

Often, we post blogs about micro things like when a real estate agent should go independent. Micro things, things that affect real estate agents directly, are ultra-important because not all real estate agents are the same. However, macro things, like rising mortgage rates can also affect real estate agents. Mortgage interest rates can affect the […]


homevalueleads Dec 19th, 2018