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Agent’s Basic Guide to Instagram Ads

If you aren’t already on Instagram is a real estate agent, then it’s probably time that you get started. What could be more attractive for a listing or any business for that matter than pictures? Advertising on Instagram is a great idea because people already searching and social media platform looking for just what you […]

Renae Oct 25th, 2017

Got Time? Agent Holiday Tips to Prep for 2017

The holidays are just around the corner. Hopefully, you’ll have enough open houses and listing appointments to keep you happily busy. But if your market is somewhat slower this season, then this is the perfect time to do some pre-planning and prep for 2017. Get a Head Start on Your Marketing Campaigns This is more […]

Renae Dec 7th, 2016

3 Social Media Trends Agents Should Jump on in 2017

“Forbes” recently ran a story on the top five social media trends to come in 2017. Not surprising, three of the five were extremely relevant for real estate agents like you. They are topics that we have focused on throughout 2016: Live video, messaging apps and virtual reality. Let’s take a look at how each […]

Renae Dec 5th, 2016

Closing Gifts: ‘Tis The Season

We love catering to the current season when it comes to closing gift ideas. This past summer, we suggested some great family-oriented, outdoor gifts that your clients would love. For winter, the spirit of giving and cozy cold weather make it an even ideal time to consider some unique and fun winter closing gifts. Winter […]

Renae Nov 28th, 2016

Real Estate: Paying Homage to Your Team

As a real estate agent, you know that your job is not just the job of one. It is the concerted effort of a team of people, some behind the scenes, working hard to make a transaction happen. Presenting your team of contractors, title companies, mortgage pros and others on your website is a great […]

Renae Nov 21st, 2016

A Quick, 7-Item Checklist for the Day You Show Your House

Note from the editor: Houzz is an amazing resource for those looking to update their home, do some decorating, and prepare their home for sale. You can share these these articles with your clients who are looking for ways to fix up their home to help it sell. We appreciate Houzz for providing us with […]

Houzz Oct 3rd, 2016

How To Save A Closing At The Last Minute

You’ve met with the owner, you’ve listed the home, marketed it, held open houses, and found a buyer. All the hard work is done, so it should be easy sailing from here, right? Wrong. Any real estate professional with enough experience has seen a situation with an accepted offer in escrow where the buyer has […]

Renae Jun 2nd, 2016

Unique Ways to Advertise an Open House

It’s open house season time! Spring and the beginning of summer are no doubt some of the busiest times of the year for real estate agents. People have the school year behind them, some are making job changes and many are just ready to take the plunge and sell or buy a home. We asked […]

Renae May 4th, 2016

When Should Real Estate Agents Send a Thank You Note?

With all of the technology and devices out there to help make your life as a real estate agent easier, pen and paper can seem old school an archaic. But nothing can bring a more personal touch to your relationship with a client than a good old-fashioned thank you note. A thank you note breaks up […]

Renae Apr 27th, 2016

Do You Know Who Your Ideal Real Estate Client Is?

The following is a guest post by Dan Corkill. Dan is the co-founder of Follow Up Boss, a high powered real estate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program designed specifically for successful real estate agents and teams who attract leads from multiple sources and want to manage them all in one place. How To Figure Out Your […]

homevalueleads Aug 19th, 2014