Home Value Leads CRM Integrations – add this post back in when we have more copy for it.

Every successful real estate agent manages their database and workflow through a great CRM program. Home Value Leads integrates with several of the top real estate CRMs to allow your leads to flow seamlessly into your database for you to manage. Below, we list several popular real estate CRMs that we integrate with along with links on how to integrate them with Home Value Leads. If a CRM is not listed here, it doesn’t mean that we don’t support it, it just means that we aren’t sure if it accepts our leads 100% correctly (or we just don’t know about it and haven’t been asked).

Full CRM Integrations

Follow Up Boss

LionDesk CRM

Work Around Integrations

Does your CRM not accept leads via email? You can add a Zapier web hook to connect HVL to anything else that has a zap.  There is also the Zapier Email Parser