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Renae Virata | August 31, 2015 | Real Estate Technology Product Reviews

real estate crm tool asanaIf you’re looking for an easy-to-use platform to organize you and your team’s real estate transactions, then Asana may be a great bet. Asana’s workflow can help your team keep track of who’s doing what throughout the life of a transaction and ensure everyone is on the same page. The cool thing about Asana as a real estate CRM tool is that you can modify the different pieces and assign tasks to everyone or use it for other areas of your business such as organizing your marketing plans. The best part: It’s free up to a certain number of users! Here are a few ways you can use Asana in your real estate business.

How Asana is Organized

Asana let’s you organize your entire real estate business into “Teams” that you can break down further into “Projects”, then “Tasks” then “Subtasks”. Every project can have multiple people working in it while tasks are assigned to just one person. I love how the interface easily shows you these different levels and is extremely changeable by simply dropping and dragging projects, tasks and subtasks.

In addition, within a project, you can create a level that will further separate your tasks into manageable, organized sections. Simply type the title of that section and add a colon at the end to make it a section. Remove the colon, and it is now a task.

Each task has the option to add a due date, but you don’t always have to do that. You can simply leave it blank. There is room for a description that you can change at any time.

Alerts will let anyone within a project or that is “Following” a Task know updates that have been made to the description. In social media-style communication, you can also discuss anything about that task in the comments. The goal in doing this is to eliminate emails and to create an easier-to-follow trail of communication on any one project or task.

How to Use Asana

If you want to organize different aspects of your business, you would need to create “Teams”. Teams can be Marketing, Clients, Open Houses, Team Meetings, Referrals or any other specific major area of your business that would have multiple projects in it.

Let’s look at Marketing, for example. Say you have several projects within Marketing: Flyers, Advertising, Website and Facebook. On the left side of your screen, you would create a Marketing “Team”. Then you would add the different Projects (Flyers, Advertising, etc.) under that Team. Next, click on a Project. For flyers, for example, you might have several different flyers you need to manage. Create a section for Flyer 1 by typing the title of that Flyer in the middle pane (in our example “Flyer 1”) with a colon at the end. This creates a section instead of a task. You can then add tasks below that section by simply entering a title for that task in the empty line below that section, assign a team member, a due date and add any attachments you’d like to share. Updated attachments can also be added as different versions of the flyer are created.

You would simply repeat a new section and related tasks for other flyers under this project and check off tasks as they are completed.

real estate crm tool asana

As an actual CRM for small firms, you can create a Team called “Clients” on the right-hand side. Once a client has been added as a section, you can assign a set of standard tasks to mirror the normal workflow that you would follow from presentation to closing. If you have a new client, you can simply highlight the tasks from the previous Client, copy and then paste those tasks under the new client. So easy!

Are You Ready to Get Organized?

If you have a huge team, you might have a more sophisticated CRM system, but Asana is a great start for independent or smaller firms. Either way, it’s a great tool to use for all of the other projects that you have going on at your real estate company. We suggest even adding a project for special events that you might be holding. Get creative and let us know your thoughts on Asana and how you use it!

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Renae Virata