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Home Value Leads | September 13, 2013 | Marketing

When I first started using Home Value Leads to generate real estate seller leads, I admit was a bit overwhelmed. I had so many leads coming in, that the old way of doing a CMA just wasn’t going to cut it. When it takes you 20-30 minutes to create a custom CMA and you are getting 5-8 real estate seller leads per day, that can eat away at your time pretty quickly! It was time to go shopping for a new solution. Here is my CloudCMA Review.


Their layout is fresh and bright and it just makes sense. This made the learning curve all of about 5 minutes and I was off and running. 10 minutes later, I had my first CMA complete. 5 minutes after that, I had the second one done. A simple look at some basic information, and a good knowledge of your marketplace, will quickly allow you to find great comps from those generated by the CloudCMA program. Of course these “quick and dirty” CMAs (CloudCMA’s description, not mine) are no match for a manual CMA and should not be used for a true valuation to be utilized during a listing appointment. Fear not though, because CloudCMA also gives you the ability to do those true valuation CMAs. Rather than using the quick and dirty option, you can use your own comps by MLS number from your own MLS research.

Once your comps have been selected, you get to customize your report. The amount of information available to put into your CMA is amazing and totally customizable. Make a marketing action plan, include “Why You Need A Real Estate Professional” or a great set of statistics and market analysis, and you are all set. Oh, and once you find a format you like, you can save it to be used automatically next time. Use as many or as few of the pages as you want, it’s all up to you.

I should also acknowledge the fact that you can request a quick and dirty CMA via email and have the completed CMA in your inbox less than 2 minutes later. THAT is priceless for being able to give quick valuations on the go. You can even do a totally hands free CMA creation with SIRI. How cool is that?

This CloudCMA review would not be complete without mentioning a few of the downsides of CloudCMA. There is an API for CloudCMA, but unfortunately, we can’t automate the process inside Home Value Leads (that doesn’t mean I will stop asking for them to make it happen). It also doesn’t automatically update the CMAs and send them to the clients periodically, which is a feature that I really liked from Market Snapshot. The price point, however, is much more affordable and the features and the reports are much better in my opinion.

I’m hoping you found this CloudCMA review helpful in your search for an automated CMA program. It has certainly made my life much easier and my customers have loved the reports. I’m using them exclusively for my Home Value Leads seller leads at this point and not sure if I will switch.

Have you ever used CloudCMA or do you have another automated CMA program? We’d love to hear about it, as we are always testing what works best for our Home Value Leads clients as well as my personal clients. Please comment below.

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