How To Get Massive Traffic To Your Real Estate Landing Page

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Traffic To Real Estate Landing Page
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Your real estate business depends on leads.  There are many potential sources of new leads and you probably use a variety of methods in your own business. 

If you use your website as a source of leads, it is imperative that you get a lot of traffic on your site; if your website is your primary source of leads, this becomes even more important. 

Figuring out how to get traffic to your real estate landing page is one of your highest priority tasks.

How to get traffic to your real estate landing page is the problem.  You must try to solve this problem, but is there actually a simple solution?  While this problem has been the central challenge of online marketing for as long as there has been an Internet, the answers may not be as complicated as you think.

Methods for Bringing Traffic

If you do a quick search on methods to drive traffic to your website, you are certain to see a lot of options.  There are many supposedly foolproof methods for bringing traffic to your website, and there are hundreds of companies that promise to bring huge numbers to your site in exchange for exorbitant fees, due in advance. 

Some of these companies may even send you a lot of traffic, but they are probably not worth the cost.  The truth is; attracting traffic to your site is not rocket science or black magic.  There are well-understood methods to employ.

Boost Your Search Visibility 

If you want people to visit your real estate landing page, you must make sure that they can actually find your site. The primary traffic driver is content.

If your website has the content that people are looking for, your site will float to the top of the search results.  No matter what else your site features, you should have either a blog or a library filled with articles or stories featuring key words and phrases your customers might be searching for.

If your site doesn’t have a real estate blog, there are options out there such as Medium, WordPress, and Active Rain where you can blog and link back to your site.

Go Get the Traffic

If people are not finding your real estate landing page through search engines, the other option is to go out and get people.  You can do this by using marketing campaigns based on email, social media and traditional media. 

If you are using print media, you can include “QR Codes”; these modern alternatives to barcodes automatically send smart- phones to your website when users scan them with the camera. Social media for real estate agents is absolutely a must and don’t abandon the “old” methods of generating leads – they still work. 

Pay For Traffic

If you need leads immediately, there is no better way to drive a large amount of traffic to your real estate landing page than pay-per-click advertising in real estate.

You decide how much to pay per click and you decide your budget. You want a lot of leads? Increase your budget. If you are busy (or going on vacation), turn the ads off.

While it is obviously more expensive from a monetary standpoint, it can generate real estate leads faster than any other method.

No matter what method you choose, how to get traffic to your real estate landing page is a central challenge of doing business.  How will you rise to the challenge?

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