Best Effective Real Estate Facebook Lead Generation Ads

Leverage the Largest Social Media Platform To Generate Countless New Leads!

Using Facebook marketing to get real estate leads is a powerful way to get in front of a finely curated audience without blowing your budget.

It’s extremely likely that you have several marketing tactics that have brought you success, but if you haven’t utilized real estate Facebook ads it’s likely you’re unaware of the massive interest they can generate.

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  1. How Effective Are Facebook Advertising?
  2. How Is It Done?
  3. Proven Success With HVL and Facebook Advertising
  4. Some Additional Tips

How Effective Are Facebook Advertising?

Real estate Facebook ads that are used to generate leads see an average conversion rate of 10.68% which is higher than the overall average across many industries.

Sometimes the average cost per lead can come to 2-3 dollars when using realtor ads on Facebook. Considering the commission that comes with a single sale, the ROI can be massive.

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home value leads facebook ads setup screen

How Is It Done?

The Home Value Leads tool integrates well with the Facebook advertising platform. It can take you less than 15 minutes to set up an advert.

So the process to set up real estate Facebook lead ads is very simple and will essentially bring awareness to your brand.

The images used in the advert will come from your websites, so ensure they are of great quality and very visually pleasing.

Here is the very simplified process:

  • Add the cities that you sell in to the HVL platform. This will allow you to create unique Facebook ads based on all of the areas you do business in.
  • HVL can pull images from your website or you can manually add specific images you prefer.
  • You will then log into Facebook via the HVL backend. Fill in your ad account details and your business page details.
  • Next, choose the link you want to drive leads to. This will be city-specific. Then assign a daily budget of as low as $1.
  • You can pause/activate this advert at any time! You have now successfully created a Facebook advert!

You can set up unlimited Facebook ads for real estate listings targeted at different cities. You can also track the success rate using the Facebook pixel.

This provides analytical data and allows you to see likes, shares, clicks, and other metrics.

You will be able to see just how many leads are coming from Facebook which can make calculating ROI and cost-per-lead easier.

facebook advertising step-by-step

Proven Success With HVL and Facebook Advertising

Some of our clients have reported success in both acquiring more leads as well as making milestone sales with the help of HVL as a whole. Some report getting between 40-50 seller leads in under a week. Others have reported making sales over $1.1M! They use the HVL CRM software for its full value, including using Facebook ads targeted for real estate.

Some Additional Tips

Effective Facebook realtor ads mainly target people interested in buying/selling houses. However, some less than obvious demographics can include construction company owners, mortgage lenders, and even those who flip houses.

Even individuals that have recently married or experienced divorce may be looking to invest in or sell a house. Below is a list of tips and tricks to enhance your Facebook Advertising:

  1. Follow up on anyone that interacts with the Facebook advertising (clicks, views, etc.) Automate this with HVL and you won’t need to intervene throughout the entire process.
  2. Nurture the lead and give them even more attention directly after capture. Remember that real estate Facebook marketing does not end with ad creation.
  3. Optimize your real estate business page with photos that not only represent your brand but also look impeccable.
  4. Always include a strong call-to-action button on your page as well as clear contact information.
  5. Make the CTA/Contact info clickable as these can funnel leads onto your landing pages.
  6. Book your business name on all social media platforms before someone else does (and creates unrelated media). Don’t feel pressured to create a perfect Facebook page for your realtor business straight off the bat. It will be a constant work in progress anyway.

Most companies that report exponential growth use Facebook advertising. Some even argue it’s the most effective advertising for realtors. The Facebook user base is just too vast to ignore. There is very little risk involved as you can keep the daily budget as low as possible and only scale up once you have proven the advert to be successful.

Leveraging social media makes it easy to find the right market as users freely give up this personal information about themselves. Lastly, with the Facebook advertising tool, you can set up in record time. However, if anything at all is still unclear, simply request a demo today!