Drip Email Campaigns for Real Estate Agents

Nurture Leads and Increase Your Conversions

Real estate email drip campaigns will not only garner new leads but also nurture existing ones. Email still remains the most successful marketing method, beating out all social media platforms. This is due to 91% of US consumers using email daily as well as the more reliable rapport email has with consumers.

These campaigns greatly and positively impact your business revenue. Agencies that automate their marketing process can see up to a 451% rise in leads. Drip campaigns get a lot more engagement. The open rates for these emails are 80% higher than once-off emails and experience a much higher click-through rate.

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  2. How Do the Campaigns Work?
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  4. The Welcome Email
  5. The Testimonial Email
  6. The Referral Email

What Is Automated Drip Marketing?

Real estate email drip campaigns are seen as both a form of marketing and a real estate lead follow-up technique. They are a set of emails that can be automatically sent out to leads. They contain valuable and educational material that educates the lead on their buying/selling journey.

How Do the Campaigns Work?

With HomeValueLeads.com you are able to create custom automated emails that can be sent out after a lead subscribes to your site. You can make each email personal by using several fields of automated data. These include :

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  • First Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code

You can create separate real estate drip email campaigns for every site that you manage. All the templates are kept in one place making it very easy to manage. You are able to also create once-off messages that may have date-specific data. These include market reports or communication about specific listings.

Real estate drip email campaigns can be set up to last for years. You can have hundreds of email templates set up to send to leads months after they register. These can range from the immediate real estate follow up email to educational emails that explain market terminology.

The user interface to set up the list of emails and schedule them is very simple. It comprises three main steps:

  1. Select the type of email template you want to compose ( Once-off or scheduled)
  2. Add a subject line and email body
  3. Send the email if it is once-off. Select the scheduled time to send the email if it is scheduled.
Screenshot of Email set up to relevant leads

Image: Email set up for 1 Off message

Screenshot of Email set up schedule when to send emails

Image: Email set up for campaign

The emails work most effectively with the SMS follow-up feature. Some leads may prefer correspondence through text. This can easily be adhered to by sending out mass texts that can use the leads first name to make it more personal.

Some Sample Emails

The best real estate drip campaigns have templates to cover different situations. You will create the best content if you put yourself in your prospects shoes. Different prospects engage with content that is relevant to them.

Start by creating some broad categories. These are typically:

  1. Buyers/Sellers
  2. Active/Passive Leads
  3. Past Clients

As you may already guess, real estate seller drip campaigns will differ from those targeted at a previous client. Before you dive in and start composing any text, consider the following popular real estate follow-up email examples.

The Welcome Email

This email needs to be treated as the first impression you make, even though it obviously isn’t. This mail will be sent out a minute after a lead registers on your website or joins your mailing list.

You should include many links to other resources and content that you have created.

See a text-only example below:

Screenshot example of the welcome email

The Testimonial Email

Great reviews can create more credibility than any other form of advertising. Use the testimonials you are most proud of to instill trust in your potential clients. You can even request a testimonial from a client you’ve successfully sold to.

See a text-only example below:

Screenshot of example of the testimonial email

The Referral Email

A powerful tool to grow your business is to get referrals from past clients. This is no news to you, but incorporating it into your real estate drip campaign scripts can ensure that every sale gets a referral request.

You can also incentivize successful referrals by offering clients a small gift in return. You can gauge which past clients were most satisfied with your service by using a survey. You should then conduct a campaign targeted at these clients.

Screenshot of example referral email

There are many real estate email drip campaign templates to refer to on the internet. However, they will all benefit from your personal flair. It can add come across warmer and more personalized if you do so.

It is also advised to start small and grow the campaign as you feel more comfortable. Test out several emails and observe the rise in engagement. Soon your campaign will be the one referenced by other realtors.