Connecting Realty Juggler To Home Value Leads

Home Value Leads | April 15, 2016 | CRM Integrations

RealtyJuggler is a popular CRM that costs only $99 per year and offers a 90 day free trial. It may not be as powerful as some of our other real estate CRMs we integrate with, but many agents find it more than adequate to handle their day to day operations just fine.

To integrate RealtyJuggler with Home Value Leads, start by logging into your account and click on the SETTINGS button as seen in this screenshot.
RealtyJuggler Integration 1

This will take you to the settings menu. Click on the eMail Feed button.
RealtyJuggler Integration 2

Once in the email feed section, you will see a number of email addresses. The one that you want to pay attention to is the second one. Each account has a unique lead email, so we have blurred out the email for privacy reasons.RealtyJuggler Integration 3

Where To Put Your Lead Email in Home Value Leads

Home Value Leads Notification SettingsNow that you have your RealtyJuggler lead email, you just need to put it in the proper location within Home Value Leads. Log into your Home Value Leads dashboard. On the left hand side, click on Site Settings and then go to Notification settings as seen in the image to the left. Once there, the very first box says “Send New Lead Notifications” (Seen below). This is where you will paste your lead email address that you got from RealtyJuggler. Below that, there is an option to “Notify Site Admin of New Leads” which is turned on (shows up orange) by default. If RealtyJuggler automatically notifies you of any new leads, you can turn this option OFF (so that it is gray) so that you aren’t receiving duplicate alerts (one from HVL and one from RealtyJuggler).

Hit save and you are done!

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