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Don’t Be a Pop-Tart Real Estate Agent: Part II

Whenever we come across the latest technology that everyone seems to be raving about, it’s tempting to give it a try. But before you jump on the bandwagon for the hottest new organizational tool, lead generator or CRM, heed these tips to make sure you give each one a fair shot and to keep from being a “pop […]

Renae Jun 24th, 2015

How Do I Change The Nameservers For My HVL Domain?

Question: What are nameservers and how do I change them for my Home Value Leads site? Answer: Nameservers are the settings that tell the internet where to find your website. The process to change your nameservers is quite simple, but will vary based on who you registered your domain through. The following instructions are for […]

homevalueleads Oct 11th, 2014

Can I Point Multiple Domain Names To My HVL Site?

Question: I have multiple city-specific domains that I want to display my Home Value Leads website. Can I do this or do I have to purchase multiple accounts? Answer: Yes, multiple city-specific domains is possible and there are many ways that you can implement this. #1) Is it really necessary to buy multiple domains? Home […]

homevalueleads Oct 10th, 2014

Facebook Ads: 10 Statistics To Determine Why It Isn’t Working

Are you new to Facebook ads or just getting started with Home Value Leads? One of the fastest and most efficient ways of generating quick leads with Home Value Leads is through Facebook ads, but they can be a little tricky to figure out. One of the most common question we get via email as […]

homevalueleads Oct 9th, 2014

How To Set Up Facebook Retargeting Ads On Home Value Leads

Don’t you hate it when you spend money driving someone to your website, only to have them click away without registering? It feels like money just got flushed down the drain! The good news is that it doesn’t have to through the use of Facebook Retargeting. We’ve developed a guide below for you so that […]

homevalueleads Aug 8th, 2014

FAQ: I’m Not Getting Any Leads!!

Question: I’m not generating any leads. Why not? Answer: There could be a number of reasons why your site is not generating any leads. 1) Are you driving traffic to the site? – With HVL landing pages, you are responsible for driving traffic to the site yourself. If you aren’t driving any traffic to the site, […]

homevalueleads Jun 13th, 2014

FAQ: I can’t access the articles you sent me!

Question: The links to the helpful articles you sent me by email aren’t working. Why not? Answer: The most common reason for this is because you haven’t been added to the Home Value Leads private group where those documents live. There are 2 ways to be added to the HVL group: 1) Send a friend […]

homevalueleads Jun 9th, 2014

FAQ: How Can I Cancel My Subscription or Trial?

Question: I would like to know if it does not work for me, how do I cancel? Answer: We hate to see you go, but we understand that Home Value Leads may not be the best tool for every agent. Canceling your subscription or your trial is as simple as sending an email to Eric or Brian, […]

homevalueleads Nov 17th, 2013