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Get More Mileage Out of Every Listing Appointment

When it comes to that first meeting with your clients, it’s important that you don’t waste their time – nor yours. The listing appointment is a nerve-racking situation for both sides. The seller is eager to sell his or her home, and you want to snag that client ASAP! So it’s important to make the […]


Renae Virata Jul 10th, 2015

Quick Guide to Partial Real Estate Leads

If you use an online lead generation site to get real estate seller leads, you may have found frustration with partial leads. But not to worry! You can still convert those leads that seem to go nowhere into clients. Most people think that just because you don’t have a phone number or email that the […]


Renae Virata Jul 3rd, 2015

7 Ways to Promote Your Home Value Leads Landing Page

After two years, we are excited at Home Value Leads to see so many of you out there gaining valuable leads and converting them to clients. If you don’t already know what we do, it’s simple: we provide you an optimized landing page where sellers enter their home address to find out the value of their […]


Renae Virata Jul 2nd, 2015

Don’t Be a Pop-Tart Real Estate Agent: Part II

Whenever we come across the latest technology that everyone seems to be raving about, it’s tempting to give it a try. But before you jump on the bandwagon for the hottest new organizational tool, lead generator or CRM, heed these tips to make sure you give each one a fair shot and to keep from being a “pop […]


Renae Virata Jun 24th, 2015

The Real Estate Agent’s Follow-Up System Strategy

Brian Rayl of Home Value Leads recently spoke on a webinar about a follow-up strategy, among other things, to help more effectively turn seller leads into clients. By taking a little time to instill a process for yourself, and that of your team, once you receive an email, call  or other first-time communication from a […]


Renae Virata Jun 22nd, 2015

FAQ: I’m Not Getting Any Leads!!

Question: I’m not generating any leads. Why not? Answer: There could be a number of reasons why your site is not generating any leads. 1) Are you driving traffic to the site? – With our real estate landing pages, you are responsible for driving traffic to the site yourself. If you aren’t driving any traffic to […]


Home Value Leads Jun 13th, 2014