How Much is My House Worth? Use Automated Valuation Model (AVM)

Find the value of your home in a few easy steps!

Table of contents:

  1. What is AVM and how does it work?
  2. How accurate is AVM?
  3. How is AVM different from an appraisal?
  4. How much does AVM cost?
  5. What a realtor needs to know
  6. What is the client user experience like?
  7. Steps to calculate a house worth using HVL Tool

If you are looking for valuation software to give you the value of a home, is an automated tool that will estimate how much a home is worth.

A person’s home might be the largest asset they own. So it makes sense that they keep track of their property’s evolving value over time. There are several ways of gauging the worth of a house, but none as convenient and fast as home valuation software.

What is AVM and how does it work?

An automated real estate valuation model is a precise way of calculating the value of real estate listings. It makes use of a database that stores information on property records, property listings, and transactions. The model uses this database in combination with mathematical or statistical modeling.

As a result, the AVM can provide a current value associated with the property. It can even predict a future value. While there are many firms that use automated valuation model companies, Z. Home Value Leads uses high-quality data to provide automated home value reports which are updated every month.

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The values are also adjustable in the rare case they may be incorrect. This realtor home valuation tool is an add-on piece of software that will be placed on your website.

You can create unlimited home valuation landing pages for different neighborhoods. It’s available for a potential lead, where they enter their address and are then able to view the value of their property.

If you aren’t supplying your leads with this information in monthly reports, they will find it in another realtor!

How accurate is AVM?

AVM home value results will be spot on depending on certain areas. AVMs make use of averages.

This means they will perform better in areas where the property stock is very similar to one another.

In areas with diverse properties, the AVM estimated house prices may work out only slightly less accurate.

How is AVM different from an appraisal?

An appraisal is completed in person by a licensed appraiser. They will conduct an inspection of the property and factor in the sales of similar houses close to the property being evaluated.

An automated home valuation model software does not include a physical inspection or any in-person interaction. It is an online program that calculates the value of a property based on data.

Some of the data is from a large database and some information is entered by the user. It creates immense value for the customer at the click of a button all at a very low cost to you!

How much does AVM cost?

The AVM feature exists alongside many other lead-generating features and is paid for via a monthly subscription. The monthly fee is obviously much more inexpensive than an actual appraisal.

Home Value Leads offers so much much more than Valuation software:

  1. You can use it to create enriching text and email drip campaigns
  2. You can also automate the lead follow-up process by using pre-written emails/texts that can instantly be sent out to new leads and existing clients!
  3. You can run Facebook adverts within 30 minutes of signing up.

Though automated home value results cannot replace an appraisal altogether, it is a very convenient way for the potential seller to gauge what they could receive for a house with minimal effort and at no cost to them.

Also, there is no need for you to consult any external home valuation realtor websites. It will save you time (and as a result, money) by allowing the lead to do this task by themselves.

What a realtor needs to know

The AVM will appear as a home value estimator widget. This widget will prompt the user to enter their address to find out the value of their home.

This widget is embedded in several pages on your site, but it can also operate as a standalone valuation landing page. Screenshot of the how much my house worth widget Embedding the widget on the right pages will entice more engagement from the user.

For instance, placing the widget on a property details page will result in higher engagement as the user might already be questioning the current worth of their home.

The option of having realtor home valuation sites alongside other existing services can make the website a one-stop-shop.

What is the client user experience like?

The client experience is straightforward and lightning-fast:

  1. The user will enter their address into the widget.
  2. Thereafter they will need to enter their email address to receive the valuation report.
  3. Lastly, they need to provide a name and cell phone number. Even if the user does not enter their address and the process is stopped short, the address is still captured.

If the user sees the process through, they will be emailed monthly market reports pertaining to their address.

After the user completes the effortless automated house valuation process, you can then reach out directly to this new lead.

There are also other automation tools you can use to follow up with the new lead as quickly as possible, which ultimately results in new clients for your agency.

Steps to calculate a house worth using HVL Tool

The image shows 4 steps to understand the estimated price of a house
Click PLAY to the tutorial below to know how is the process to get a house worth.