Agent Tool Review: Vendor Referral App Dizzle

Renae | October 31, 2016 | Real Estate Technology Product Reviews

Agent Tool Review: Vendor Referral App DizzleWe’ve talked at length before about how being a resource to your real estate clients is important. It helps build your clients’ trust in you and keeps them coming back for more of your expertise.

If you had to ask agents what else is important for their business, especially from a business-building perspective, they would likely say referrals.

A company called Dizzle has devised a cool way to help real estate agents do both to help them be a true resource for their clients while growing their business in a meaningful way.

What is Dizzle?

Dizzle is a vendor concierge platform built exclusively for real estate agents. One one hand, it connects them and new homeowners with home service providers during the home transaction process. On the other hand, it brings more referrals from vendors in appreciation for the connection to agents’ clients.

It’s the brainchild of Will Caldwell, the son of a real estate agent, who saw that real estate agents did more than just help clients buy a home – they helped advise them on home service providers before, during and after the home transaction process.

The flexibility that Dizzle has means that it can provide a tailored solution for ever real estate professional including agents, brokers and associations.

How Does Dizzle Work?


Dizzle provides agents with a branded directory app. Clients can download the app for either Apple or Android phones and begin using the app right away.

The directory of vendors, which has been vetted by the Dizzle team, is basically a preferred list of home service providers that your clients can see and access right away. If you’ve ever tried your hand at organizing your vendor lists, you know how it can be a pain to manage and access. Dizzle eliminates this headache and gives your brand an added boost in one nice package.

And how do you know if your clients actually use your recommended vendors? Traditionally, you’d have to ask. With Dizzle, analytics provide the data you need and can share with vendors so they know when a referral came from you – and to refer you in return!

We’ve recommended before that adding your preferred vendors is a nice addition to your website. Dizzle also makes it easy to integrate your vendor list into your website so its seamless and manageable.

And on your website, you can enjoy integrations with Skyslope, Zillow, Yelp, DocuSign and Moxi Works.

What If You’re a Broker?

If you have a whole team of agents, then you and them can benefit from Dizzle, too. Through its power home services program and top notch customer service, Dizzle can actually provide the training, tools and tips to ensure that your team makes the most of out of what it has to offer.

What Does It Cost?

Dizzle costs $49 per month or $429 annually. You can test out the app and see how it works for you with a nice 30-day money-back guarantee.


We like this app for the client service aspect as well as the opportunity to grow your business through vendor referrals. With a good amount of time to test drive its capabilities and the customer service it offers, you can’t go wrong and can start being a resource for your clients right away.

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