Agent Communication Tool: Slack

Renae Virata | September 15, 2017 | Best Practices

Agent Communication Tool: SlackReal estate is a people-oriented business. As such, communication is KEY. We hate to beat a phrase dead, but we all know it’s true – and how many agents can still be communication-challenged. That’s where the communication app Slack can be a real savior for any real estate business.

What is Slack?

What are some of the challenges that you typically find in your communication with your team or go-to transaction partners? Many agents we know find that when there are multiple transactions taking place for them, their communication via text or email gets lost. Having so many means to communicate with people essentially breaks down the communication lines and can cause multiple disconnects.

How many times have you sent an email to your team on a transaction only to receive a text on the same topic about the same client? Then you lose your phone with those valuable texts…it can be a real mess.

With Slack, you have all of your communication in one place. You can have one stream of communication around specific topics with specific people.

Slack Channels

To understand how slack works, you have to understand how Slack is organized. This is through “channels”. You can utilize channels for multiple purposes. Each channel is essentially a conversation.

A conversation for your real estate business can be general. For example, you could create a channel for “marketing”. You can also create a channel for specific teams.

You can also get very granular with your channels. Say there is a specific project, like an open house for a new listing. You can create a channel for the open house for planning purposes.

Who can you include? Everyone on your team can see the channels unless you make the channel private. You can then include only the team members who need to be involved.

Another way to use a channel is to include evergreen topics like “feedback”. The channel can serve as a receptacle for ideas.

Voice and Video

How many times have you communicated with someone only to find that perhaps you just need to tell or show them what you mean? You can do that directly in Slack in real time. You can even share your screen for further detail and explanation on anything.

Perhaps there is an issue with a listing that you would like to actually show a colleague. Or it’s just plain easier to answer a question they have. You can use Slack’s native voice and video features to do just these things.

Be Direct

Maybe you just need to discuss something amongst a few people or just one. Direct messaging in Slack gives you this option. It’s pretty much like any other direct message feature that you find in other social media apps.

You can keep your conversations more focused this way. Think of direct messages in Slack as text messages that are included in one place for easy access. You may ask why this is better than texting. Simply, too, that you can convert a direct message to a channel!

So, are you ready to organize your communication amongst your team? Download Slack for either Android or iOS and see how it can transform the way your team works.

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Renae Virata