Write Your Way To More Real Estate Leads

Renae Virata | May 20, 2015 | Marketing

Write Your Way to Real Estate Leads

Some real estate agents just seem to get great leads – and often. When you take a look at what they are doing in their business compared to what you are doing, you may not find much difference.

But a closer look may reveal the secret to their success – they write their way to more real estate leads.

We all know real estate is about relationships and building the from the ground up. It will be near impossible (okay, pretty impossible) to meet every single home buyer or home seller asking questions online.

Questions that you could be answering with a blog post or an article written for a specific site.

Do You Have What It Takes to Write?

You may not think you have what it takes to be a good or even decent writer, but luckily you aren’t writing for a scientific journal.

If you think about the kind of searches that prospective real estate clients are doing, you will notice that they are asking questions.

Almost as if they were asking you! Imagine they are asking you in person. You would likely respond in a friendly, colloquial (but not too colloquial) manner. So write how you would speak!

Post for Other Sites – Or Create Your Own Blog!

Article sites abound for real estate professionals. Active Rain is an example. Just start an account and write away, right away!

Most websites also have an option to add a blog. Take full advantage of it and start using it. Facebook Notes for the more shy of us can help you get your feet wet, plus you will be able to post your Note automatically to your wall.

Potential Topics to Write about

If you haven’t been listening to your clients or even leads as well as you’d like, then it’s time to change that right now.

By keeping your ears open to the kinds of questions they ask, the kinds of pains they encounter and the things that get them excited about the home selling or buying process, you will find a wealth of potential topics.

People probably load you down with certain questions about a neighborhood you specialize in.

Or maybe you learn some potential new insight into an area of town that you focus on. Topics from such seemingly casual conversations actually have more value to you than you from a blog post or article perspective.

Can you focus on certain properties that you have listed? Of course! But in keeping with the conversational nature of your blog or collection of articles, it’s important to bring down your sales voice (which always seems easier to do on paper) and put a unique, informative or entertaining angle to it.

Maybe a new home you have listed just had a fabulous renovation done. Describe it and show before and afters.

Did the seller have an issue with staging the home because they didn’t renovate it? How did you solve that? By sharing insight and advice, you’ll do more than just list all the attributes of a home.

Besides, you have the listings on your site to do that for you! (You can always link the address or some key phrases in your post or article to the house’s dedicated listing URL.)

Will Anyone Read It?

If you found this article, then it’s proof positive someone will find your literary gem. The key is to make it SEO-friendly. That means ensuring you have keywords throughout your post or article and in your title that match potential phrases that real estate clients would be searching.

In order to keep people coming back to read what you write, you have to keep them engaged. Speak on a range of topics, have someone proof it and write at least once a week to start. Once you get the hang of it and start formulating schedule of topics, you will soon have a nice lineup of posts and articles that you can publish more often.

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Renae Virata