What Women – and Men – Want in Real Estate

homevalueleads | February 25, 2015 | Real Estate Agent Industry Reports

Real estate battle of the sexesIn the past we have broken down the NAR Profile of Home Buyers which breaks down certain preferences based on age group. However we all know there’s a psychology behind buying related to gender, especially when it comes to real estate. But how well do you actually know what’s going on in your clients’ minds because they are a man or a woman?

The Wall Street Journal recently posted a very interesting article entitled “A Gender Gap in Real Estate” where they break down results from the 2013 Home Features Survey conducted by the National Association of REALTORS by gender and by marital status. Here’s a quick snapshot of how important each demographic feels about certain house features (check out the graph at the end for more comparisons):

    Walk-in closets: 38% of single males versus 29% of single females
    Single-level homes: 24% of married couples versus 16% of unmarried couples
    9-foot or higher ceilings: 21% of single males, 8% of single females
    New kitchen appliances: 32% of single males, 21% of single females

Are you surprised at some of the results? Should you be? Some will argue that younger generations, poised for home buying, are creating a shift away from traditional preferences. The article does go on to confirm that many home buyers still keep to gender stereotypes when it comes to certain aspects of home hunting. Men love the non-living spaces like garages, attics and crawl spaces while women still focus on kitchens and floor plans.

Knowing common preferences based on gender and/or marital status is an interesting aspect of to consider when either helping a client sell or look for a home. These averages are not set in stone, of course, but they highlight the notion that real estate agents should really listen to their clients, ask some key questions, and see beyond the wish list to uncover who their clients are and what they are really looking for.

For example, the survey shows that twenty-four percent of men look for granite counter tops while only 11 percent of women do. At first glance, it may seem men are starting to prefer beauty over construction and vice versa, but if you dig a little deeper, they might just prefer the strength of the material and ease of cleaning.

Real Estate Battle Of The Sexes

So while gender may be a factor in assessing your client’s needs, it’s certainly not the primary factor. After a while of paying close attention to your clients and asking the right follow-up questions, you might start to see some client buying patterns of your own, especially relative to the areas your serve, that will shape and inform your business even more!

What preferences have your clients expressed that surprised you because of their gender and what did they actually want?

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