Why Real Estate Agents Must Advertise on Social Media

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There are plenty of ways to promote a real estate business. The best way might be through word of mouth marketing. Although word of mouth marketing is great, there are inherent issues with word of mouth marketing. Simply relying on word of mouth marketing often won’t lead to more potential customers.

In this day and age, even if word of mouth marketing works, it most likely isn’t enough. That’s because potential clients, buyers or sellers, don’t look to buy or sell property like they used too. Check out reasons why advertising on social media is a must for all real estate agents.

Why Real Estate Agents Must Advertise on Social Media

Before getting into why real estate agents must advertise on social media, it helps to define advertising. Advertising can be anything from a television commercial, to an ad in a magazine, to a radio commercial, and even to an Instagram post.

Social media advertising doesn’t necessarily try to sell something. Social media advertising is about building and maintaining a brand. It’s not the same as a television commercial that talks about the latest coupon offering.

That’s why social media advertising could be effective for real estate agents while not being effective at all for something like a cereal company.

Now that’s out of the way, check out why real estate agents must advertise on social media.

Message control As opposed to word of mouth marketing, you can control the message on social media advertising. Word of mouth marketing requires someone else to describe your pros, and hopefully not your cons, to someone else. The person discussing what a great, or not so great, real estate agent you are does so when you aren’t around. If something bad comes out of that individual’s mouth, you won’t be there to defend yourself.

Cost – Social media advertising doesn’t cost that much. In fact, it can cost nothing except time. The very best social media advertising doesn’t come off as advertising. That’s the key to making it work. What does it cost to post a picture, or talk about your day? Not much.

Social media advertising is natural relationship building Every time you post something on a social media platform, you’re building your relationship with your followers. This is why a ridiculous or stupid post can lead to disaster. If you keep this in mind that you’re building a relationship every time you post (don’t forget it’s for free!), you’ll do well with your social media advertising.

Advertising on social media isn’t for everyone. Retail companies often waste advertising dollars on social media. For real estate agents, social media can be an amazingly cost effective way to build their brands. Advertising via social media also allows real estate agents to build relationships and control the message.


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